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There’s a price difference between regular coffee and espresso/cappuccino/latte

So this happened to a fellow cashier.  We have canisters of black coffee on one side of the room and then a machine that does what I consider fancy coffee (latte, espresso etc) the difference is that regular coffee is $1.95 and the others are $2.80.  We tell customers ‘regular coffee is free refills’.  Sometimes we have to repeat and emphasize the regular coffee.  

We had one customer who bought a regular coffee then he comes back about 20 minutes later and goes up to the ‘fancy’ coffee machine.  He takes his cup, presses the espresso button, espresso comes out and he stands there for a minute and drinks it all.  Then puts the cup back and hits cappuccino.  So when he starts to walk away the other cashier stops him and says ‘that’ll be $5.60 sir’ and he just like explodes.


 And this cashier is known for not taking shit so she just explains that it’s only regular coffee and that the coffee he got does not fall under the category of regular coffee and the coffee he got cost $2.80.  So he angrily takes out his wallet and gives her three dollars doesn’t take the change and goes to walk away.  So then this happened.

Cashier-“Sir that’s going to be $2.80”
Customer-“I just paid for the coffee”
Cashier-“You paid for one coffee, you also had an espresso”
Customer-“Well I didn’t know that I had to pay for it”
Cashier-“You still have to pay for it sir”
Customer-“I shouldn’t have to I didn’t know!”
Cashier-“You still have to pay for it sir”
Customer-“This is goddamn ridiculous, where’s your manager”
Cashier-“He’s in the back, you’re still going to have to pay for the espresso sir”

So he just throws $5 dollars at her and storms away…like sir you just gave her $8 dollars for a $5.60 purchase because you were being a little bitch.  You know why the espresso and cappuccino cost so much, is because it takes more to make it than regular black coffee, why would we let you pay $1.95 for a coffee and then get cups of the expensive coffee for free…why are customers so dumb sometimes.

I’ve had my share of bad days at work, but today takes the cake. Since school let back in, we haven’t been that busy, even on weekends. The past week or so has been really slow but today we had an unexpected swarm of customers that even took the store manager by surprise. As a result, we were significantly understaffed. There was only one or two people in the kitchen and people were complaining that it was taking 20-30 minutes to get their food and I get it. That’s a very valid complaint but there really wasn’t anything else we could do. The manager tried calling multiple people to see if they could come in early or come in on their day off to help out but there wasn’t much luck. 

As if things weren’t bad enough with me being the only cashier (i.e. the only scapegoat up there who had to take the heat of every single customer that complained), the servers were down for quite some time resulting in lots of people not being able to pay with their debit cards. There was this one asshole customer who kept complaining to me about how long it was taking to get his food as if that was really anything I had control over as a mere cashier but then he started complaining that we should have put a sign on the door saying you couldn’t use cards or I should have made a big announcement. First off, I have no authority as a regular employee to put up signs. That’s up to a manager and sometimes the manager won’t want signs put up (for some silly-ass reason) to warn people that something is broken. Secondly, I have a tiny voice that is barely heard over the loudness of the crowd. I can’t project it very much. I can’t help it. That’s just how my vocal cords are, especially when I’m nervous or stressed out.

There was another asshole who I like to call one of those “Berserk Button Customers” where they’re nice to you at first but when one tiny little thing inconveniences them, they turn into fucking monsters at the drop of a hat. He comes up to me and says, “Why is it taking so long?” I answer, “We’re understaffed?” he replies, “Why?” I answer back, “We’re just understaffed. That’s it.” and you know what? He has the fucking gall to criticise us for not having enough people. “Well, it’s a Saturday. You should be expecting more people.” Listen up, dipshit, of course we know Saturdays are going to be busy but first of all, this is more busy than we’re used to around this time of year, two, we did have a reasonable amount of people scheduled to work but the lazy bums pulled a no-call-no-show and no one else is willing to come in early or on their day off to help out, If you’re going to have the fucking nerve to criticise us for not being psychics and predicting that an assload of people would suddenly show up after we’ve had many slow days in the past couple of week, then you better be willing to come behind this counter and TRY to do the things we do and put up with the shit we put up with. No? You wouldn’t be able to handle it? Then get back in line and wait with the others whilst we try and make the best out of a bad situation.

This same dipstick also told me that I should warn customers ahead of time that there’s a 20-minute/30-minute wait for food which was a good idea so I started warning customers before they ordered something from the kitchen. Then the store manager scolded me in the office later for telling people that because of some policy or whatnot. At that point, I literally felt like I was about to break down into tears but I kept myself composed because knowing that people would see me crying would only make me more stressed out. My voice would start to break when telling customers their total and stuff. I was just tired of being yelled at by everyone, both managers and customers alike. If I was trying to be considerate of the customers by telling them ahead of time that there would be a long wait, I was breaking some policy according to the manager, but if I didn’t warn them, I’d get chewed out by customers.

Today was just a horrible day and it was the first time in the 7 months I’ve been here that I came really close to crying. But I don’t feel like ending this rant on a negative note and I feel the need to mention this one guy who was actually really nice and understanding and he deserves to be mentioned here as well.

This one customer came up to the counter and I was thinking, “Oh god. Here we go again.” believing that he was going to be another bitchy one but he was basically like, “I just wanted you guys to know that you’re going really fast considering the crowd you got. I know because I run a business, too. Also, don’t let the rude customers get to you. So tell your manager I said you you guys are doing great.” It was really unexpected and it really made my day to hear that in the crowd of crabby customers, there was one person who understood we were doing our best given the circumstances. Rock on, cool customer guy!

I work at a shoe store where we don’t charge you as much, and one of the employees has been planning a fantastic vacation for like a year, nonrefundable tickets and everything. So to help cover for her, we brought over a girl from another local store to help. I was told recently that tomorrow is the last day she’d be helping us. I was a little sad, cause she’s a cool person. I was told it was her choice to leave, and that she would not be coming back. Apparently, a family came in, early in the morning a couple days before, and attempted to pay for a $19 purchase with a $100 bill. When she told the man that she couldn’t make change for it so early in the day, he got really upset and made a scene. The whole family went to the back of the store, and when they left, apparently the kids had made a huge mess, pulled like 20 shoes into the floor. :( she wasn’t even FROM our store, she was just there to help…

Entitled People

We offer an in-store shredding service, but what’s left out of the fine print is that it can only be done on the spot if it’s under ten pounds. There are two places for shredding - one in the front by our copy center that everyone can see, and one in the back. The one in the back is a huge, padlocked bin with just a tiny little slot at the top to drop documents through. Nobody in the store, not even the store manager, has a key to the lock. It’s operated by an independent company that I guess we have a contract with, and when it’s full, it gets taken away to be incinerated or something.

A couple of days ago, a couple brought in a giant garbage bag full of stuff for shredding. I warned them that if it was over ten pounds that we had to take it to the back, and he got sooo huffy with me (as in, HOW DARE I NOT GO AGAINST COMPANY POLICY), asking about the process about the padlocked .

I said I wasn’t sure, because the manager didn’t know either, so I told them I’d look in the back so I could see if I could google the company and their process.

When I came back, I finally weighed their stuff and it was 28 pounds, which is a lot for our smaller shredder. There’s a reason we have that policy in place!

But the couple was insistent that I do it up front and tried to be all, “Well, what if we said each of us came with ten pounds, and then we just ‘came back’ with the other eight?” To which I replied that it was ten pounds per customer, per day.

They just kept harping and harping, not even giving me a chance to look up the other company. I even offered to take them to the back so they could see that nobody could get into this box, but they refused. I realized that they weren’t going to budge, and they didn’t seem keen on leaving either, so my manager finally just told me to go ahead and do it.

You know what the majority of this twenty-eight pounds of shredding was?

Junk mail.

Look, I understand not wanting to sort out your crap. I get that you might feel a little uncomfortable about your documents simply being tossed into a bin for later instead of being shredded in front of your eyes. But for the love of everything, any place that offers a shredding service does not mean you use it as your personal garbage can.

Guess what! It’s actually free to throw out or even recycle that crap by yourself! And you wouldn’t have to pay anyone a dollar a pound for it, either!

Oh, and in shredding all of this couple’s stuff, we ran out shredder bags, which meant we couldn’t do shredding for anyone until we got more bags, which took like three more days.

And naturally, this couple stood around and waited for all of this shredding to be done and gave me stupid, smug smiles the entire time and looked all pissed off every time I stopped to ring out other customers.

I don’t know why they were so smug. Like congratulations, you got your way and in doing so, made us unable to shred anything else for three days, went against company policy, and wasted like twenty minutes of your life watching me shred your crap? Whatever. UGH

So I am a clerk in a grocery store bakery, and I recently transferred from a smaller store where I was part-time and the only clerk in the bakery, to a brand new store where there are a total of five clerks in the bakery. I’m full time and the others are part time and they have never worked in a bakery before, and I’m pretty sure they’ve never worked retail/customer service before.

Bakery sales clerk sounds like a really easy, simple job, but it’s incredibly stressful and extremely fast paced, especially in a store this big. You have to always watch for customers, and help them ASAP even if you are in the middle of something, so you have to be able to deal with constantly being interrupted. You have to be really good at multitasking… you have to package everything ASAP, keep the floor clean, organized, and full, do the dishes (which includes being able to life an 80qt metal mixer bowl in/out of the panwasher), always have samples out, make announcements, help the bakers/decorators if they need it, and no matter what… you cannot take your eye off the front counters.

I don’t know who hired the other clerks, but whoever it was has obviously never worked in the bakery a day in their life and has no idea what clerks actually do.

Three of the clerks are little old ladies who are super slow at everything, and the other is a younger girl who I haven’t met yet because she only works weekends and can only work 12 hrs/week.

Every single one of the clerks except me has asked for evenings off. Clerks close. That is a big part of the job. The bakers and cake decorators all have to be there super early in the morning, so they leave early afternoon, and the clerks man the counters from open to close. Only one of them actually needs evenings off, so my manager says she’s trying to make it even that the rest if us just close 2-3 days/week, and I’m just so glad that she’s doing that. Evening shift is the worst, no one likes it but someone has to do it and it’s not fair to stick it to just one person. I want to know who decided to hire 4 clerks who don’t want to close? They ask for availability in the interviews.

One of the older ladies is really bad at multitasking, and terrible at handling the stress of the job. I keep trying to teach her basic things like how to service the cookie case, package bread and cookies, and print off labels for things, and she doesn’t seem to be remembering any if it. Today was our second day open and she actually walked out and quit, only to ask for her job back a few hours later. She’s coming back but I know she’s bit going to last very long.

One of the other ladies seems to be learning things, but she’s got a terrible attitude. Shes nice to customers, but she’s super rude to all of her coworkers in front of customers, even our manager. She think she knows better than everyone else even though she has pretty much zero experience at this job.

The last of the older ladies has some sort of mental issues, I don’t know exactly what, but I just don’t think that this is a very good job for her. She cannot do anything without being asked to do it, and even when I show her how to do things she will do them wrong, so I constantly have to be watching her, and telling her what to do next, which is wasting my time and slowing down production.

Ive been at the store for 3 weeks now, helping my manager get everything ready for us to open, and they’ve only been there for about a week so I know that I need to give them time and keep teaching them and hopefully they will catch on, but I honestly don’t think they’re going to last a month. We have lots of extra help right now from corporate for the opening, but once all the extra help leaves in a few days, I dont think they’ll be able to keep up with the pace that the job requires. You have to constantly be going as fast as you can and always be doing 5 things at once because everything you do should have been done 10 minutes ago. Right now I’m moving as fast as I can just trying to pick up their slack.

They all trained at another store before they started, but they didn’t get very much or very good training and it just annoys me that I’m spending our grand opening weekend teaching them how to do their job. It’s affecting how the floor looks because it’s taking longer to get things packaged and out and it’s affecting our customer service which is a huge huge huge thing at this store. Customers don’t like it when the clerks don’t know what they’re doing, and these clerks have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

It’s just so, so stressful, and I’m so thankful that I have a nice manager who cares about her employees and the department. Today she worked open-close and I worked noon - close and we rushed around and worked our asses off and got done 5 minutes after close. Tomorrow evening, when it’s just her and one of the slow old ladies, I don’t know how long they’re going to be there.

I was really close with the girls I worked with at the other store, and I miss them so much. I wish I could’ve stayed there, because I loved it there, but I wasn’t getting as many hours as I needed, and my hours recently got cut even more, so I was picking up some hours in the produce department, which I hated, so I had to leave for the full time position. I felt terrible about leaving them, me being their only clerk, but they understood and they can totally deal with it. They’re an amazing team. When I worked there, we dealt with our manager being on medical leave for 3 months all by ourselves and it was totally fine. Most other departments would fall apart without a manager, but not us. We were awesome. I miss that; working with people who know what they’re doing. It was nice.

So recently my dad had a double bypass surgery and I called off work one day and let my manager know that I could only work 3 day the following week. Since I’m full-time, I have sick pay and quite a few floating holiday hours I can use to compensate my paychecks. I was given sick pay for the day I called off and told by my DudeBro manager that he would give me 2 days of floating holiday pay to make up for my short week.  After I returned, I noticed a couple of things were wrong. First, I never got the floating holiday pay. Second, one of my times from a previous week was overridden to an incorrect time, basically cheating me out of an hour of overtime pay. Since DudeBro manager was the MOD for the day, I tried to talk to him about these issues. He admitted that he forgot to add the floating holiday pay to my schedule but that it was too late and I should “just eat the cost” since I could always use those hours at a later date. Then he told me that there wasn’t anything he could do about the incorrect time because I didn’t catch it in time (this being less than 3 weeks ago).

So the next day I decided to talk to my store manager about these problems, because even though I could budget around the missing 2 days of work, I was pissed about not getting paid for the time I did work. To the shock of absolutely no one, my store manager had no problems fixing both of these issues. Which in turn made me even more pissed at the DudeBro manager because if I had believed him, I would have been cheated out of money that I earned. Now I’m wondering if he’s done this to other employees who really did believe him.

Two Faced Supervisors Super Long sorry

So there is a supervisor who was one of the newly hired supervisors at work this summer.  Now before I even worked with him I heard a lot of rumors and such, like how he rats on other crews.  (Technically management wants us to write down if a crew didn’t do something the previous shift (not fill the ice, clean the coffee pots etc), but it’s known among the crews that we don’t rat on other, it’s just not cool.

So I’m hearing all these stories about how he’s ratted on cashiers and even other supervisors, he leaves little notes around the store, in the back room, post it notes on the ice machine etc.  So all this I’ve heard and when I finally meet him the first thing he says is “I just want you to know I never rat on other crews, never, even though they rat on me, that’s just who I am”….like I just met the guy and this is what he chooses to emphasize.  So already I get a bad vibe, but he’s an old guy, seems harmless.  Then three things happened.

First thing is I heard through the grapevine that this supervisor wanted to have a ‘sit-down’ with the store manager and me about my behavior at work.  My behavior was apparently ‘distracting other employees with socializing’ and that I was immature at work.  Well I’m 20 years old and there’s a small group of employees that are around my age and we fill the day with conversation, don’t want to brag but I’m really good at making people laugh and making the day go by quicker.  I’m great with customers and I do all my work to the best of my abilities, and to top it off this supervisor never came to talk to me himself or gave me any warning or instructions about my ‘socializing’.  So I end up getting the courage to just go straight to my manager and talked it out without the supervisor.  

Secondly, a week after I talked to the manager I work with the supervisor again and he stops me while I’m working (carrying a huge barrel of ice) and in front of the bartender we have continues to tell me how much he appreciates all the hard work I do and that if I ever heard that he was talking about me it was only to help better myself….so basically he got wind that I heard he was talking shit and I got to the manager before he really could.  I was literally so close to telling him to take his gratitude speech and shove it up his ass.  

Now the third and final event I heard from one of my good friend whose a supervisor and we’re really close.  The supervisors are the ones who give the final evaluations each year and she told me that she saw the evaluation this guy gave me and she said he gave me all 1s (the lowest number available).  This just pissed me off to no end, this guy is just the most two faced person I’ve ever met and he’s like 70, you’d think he’d be above this but no.  He acts like a child and even though he praises you to your face he totally screws you over behind your back.  The only thing I’m really pissed at isn’t the fact that he wrote the review it’s the fact that he’s review could actually affect my chance of keeping my goddamn job.  One bad review can ruin you, and this guys not even staying at the store, he’s quitting and leaving in a week.  But I’m so pissed that he would do this to me.  At least be upfront dude.

Lost my cool and filed my first complaint

So I’m pretty easy going, I have a lot of patience at my job and my coworkers have said I’m really happy go lucky, I always have the problems just slide off my back.

But last night at work I just completely lost it.  I worked with a supervisor who is known for not doing anything (he stays on the phone the whole shift or he’s writing down notes in his own personal little blue book..yes he actually brought in his own book to write stuff down).  Anyway I had a second cashier for half the shift but they left and I had three more hours to go.  I work the night shift and that’s when we get a lot of customers all at once, who are hungry and just want to eat.  So I have about 200 people coming to the only line open (mine!) and I’m burning rubber ringing them up.  While at the same time I have other customers going ‘there’s no more coffee/cups/pretzels/creamers/napkins/etc’ and this is usually when I need extra help.   Not to mention the fact that I ran out of almost all my change and the supervisors do the change requests and since I couldn’t find him I had to go to a bartender and ask for change.

 Most supervisors are very  helpful, hell it’s part of their job to help the cashiers when it’s busy, stocking and filling.  I look up after I get done the rush a whole 45 minutes and nothing is done.  No chips, no pretzels, all 5 coffee pots are empty.  And where’s my helpful supervisor he’s outside on the goddamn phone talking to god who knows.  And what happens when he finishes his phone conversation; he looks around and says ‘you better start stocking it’s looking empty’….

No fucking shit it’s looking empty where the fuck were you this whole goddamn time.  I just made about a grand and this asshole has done nothing.  When I ask him to help what does he do, he makes 6 pretzels…six fucking pretzels.  I’m like ‘We need ice in the machine can you get it’ and what does he do, looks at the soda fountain ice and goes ‘it’s good for now’….it’s fucking 1/4’s filled…it’s not good for now.

The whole night I was like a chicken with its head cut off and what happens at the end of the night when we have to put back all the product, clean the coffee pots, last minute stocking who’s helping me out…not the fucking supervisor that’s for sure.  By the end of the night I had just had it and I was so pissed off and the bartender could see that and she told me I should write a complaint about him, because he’s done this before, and so for the first time ever I actually wrote a complaint.  I don’t know what’s gonna happen and I don’t know if it was the right thing to do but I was at the end of my rope.  I hate supervisors, what are they good for, really.

I need advice--last night I worked a 5-hour shift and I was closing. The girl before me left a ton of unfinished recovery (and was very stressed out) and asked me to finish it. However, when I was 2/3 done, my supervisor said my section was a mess and I needed to clean it by closing. But recovery wasn't done. In my place, would you prioritize recovery, or fixing the tables and shelves?

I’ve had this happen to me before. I usually do a slap dash job to the best of my ability for both sections but at my work, my manager is usually understanding. Maybe next time talk to your supervisor and let them know how much work you have? Maybe ask of there’s anyone that can help.


Hey I wanted to ask something: I'm nonbinary (agender) transgender and I was wondering if anyone (mods or followers) has ever come out as nonbinary at their workplace?? Being referred to as the gender assigned to me at birth is starting to take a toll on my mental health and I really want to come out but idk how

Any one have any advice?