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Adventures in Sexism

The video game store where I work happens to have an unusual gender ratio. Where most of the stores in the chain are typically staffed mostly by men, our store is instead staffed almost entirely by women and/or female-presenting people. As of now, we have one male part-time employee, and our male ASM was recently replaced by a woman. 

While we don’t get comments about this all the time, when we do they are usually positive or neutral. Often, we’ll even get mothers and older women who say they’re happy to see more women working at a store like ours. 

However, the world is not perfect and they are still enough sexists to hassle us. 

Usually, the remarks are subtle. “You don’t really play video games, do you?” Is something we get. Other times, we’ll be exhaustively quizzed on our knowledge, as though they can catch us on our “lies”. ((Not that this makes any sense, anyway. Even those who work there who don’t play video games still know a lot for the sake of the job.))

We also tend to get a lot of prank calls, which turn very nasty and sexual as soon as the caller hears a female voice. Male coworkers get the typical “Battletoads” calls and meme shouting, while women get threats of rape and are asked if we’ll have sex with the pre-teens on the other end of the line. 

A few instances stand out though. 

One time, a couple walks in looking for some PS Vita games for their son. They come up and ask me if we carry a very obscure accessory for the Vita. I checked and said I couldn’t find it in the system, and admitted I wasn’t too familiar with the Vita at that time. I then referred them to a senior associate. It turned out that she wasn’t sure either, but told them it was likely something they would have to purchase  online. The father became upset, and kept asking questions even though we admitted we didn’t know about the accessory. He eventually shouts this statement on the way out:

“‘I don’t know’, that’s all I hear! You know, if there was a man here, I could get a real answer!” 

Even when the remarks aren’t as insulting and blatant, the intent is obvious. We have one regular in particular, an older man who buys his son every new game and collector’s edition, who obviously has a crush on our SM. Every time he comes in, he demands to get a hug from her, then spends his time hitting on her even though she is already in a relationship, less than half his age, and clearly uninterested.

Recently, our SM got her hair cut from being down her back to being very short. She was unsure about the look, even though it ended up looking good. Said regular got upset at the fact that she did this, and kept asking why she cut all her hair off, and told her to her face that her haircut was ugly and she wasn’t attractive anymore. I had to go to the back to reassure her that he was just being an asshole and that the haircut suited her.

We all get hit on, and regularly. It’s not just being nice or casual flirting, but asking us for our numbers while we’re at work, trying to touch or grab us, or making inappropriate comments. 

Our SM once again received these remarks during a midnight launch. She went outside to hand out posters and talk to people and as she was heading back inside, one of the boys in line called her a bitch and asked if she would sit on his face. 

So, this is the kind of stuff we deal with. Sure, it’s not often, and most of our customers are cool, but anyone says that the video game industry/fandom is totally fair to women needs to take a walk in our shoes. 

I work at a large video game retailer in the US. For the most part, I love the job. I have great coworkers, I get to learn about and deal with something I love, and the customers are usually pretty nice. Though there have been a few hiccups, I’m still glad to be working there. However, when we get a bad customer, they really are bad. Take this story as an example.

One slow afternoon in January, I’m working with my manager. Both of us are working projects when a family walks in consisting of a father, mother, and their daughter. The daughter is probably around 13 and looks a bit nervous, a little socially awkward, but nothing sets off any red flags. 

The daughter eventually comes up and asks me if we have a certain game. The game in question happens to be a browser-based PC game, so I politely explain we don’t sell that game, but instead offer to help her find something else. I spend about ten minutes talking with her and her family, and they eventually decide to pick up Pokemon Y instead. I check them out and see them off, not thinking anything of the transaction. 

About two hours later, the family returns. The father approaches the counter and says he wants to return the game they bought. I check to see that the game is inside and I ask if anything is wrong with it (our return policy only allows returns on new games if they’re defective), but he replies no. I then explain that as per our return policy, we can’t take back a new game once it has been opened. 

He immediately gets irate, saying that his daughter doesn’t have a 3DS, so she can’t play the game since she only has a regular DS. Wanting to avoid a conflict and a potential bad survey response (which was our number one concern at that time), I decide to make a one time exception after clearing it with my boss to take back the new game, and make it clear to the customer that this won’t happen again. The father accepts this, and I do the transaction. 

Once the return is done, I go to take the game out of the case to find a surprise. 

For anyone who doesn’t know, a DS game is a small squarish chip made of gray plastic, similar to an SD card. 3DS games are the same size, but are made of white plastic and are shaped like a rectangle with a prominent protrusion to keep them from being inserted into the wrong system. This piece jutting off is clearly part of the game itself and cannot be removed easily.

Upon discovering that the game wouldn’t fit into his daughter’s DS, the father had taken a knife and cut off part of the game. You could now clearly see into the plastic shell of the game. I had not noticed this earlier when I looked inside since the case and the game are the same color of plastic. 

Shocked, I approach the father who is still in the store (which I admit was not the right thing to do) and hold up the game. 

"You cut this game." 

"No I didn’t," he responds. 

You cut this game.”

"It must have happened when I tried to put it in her DS," he blatantly lies to my face. (It is pretty obvious that this is impossible, unless you have a DS made of razor-sharp steel.)

He then grabbed his wife and daughter by their shirts and ran out of the store. I was dumb-founded the rest of the day at how he could so clearly lie. We ended up shrinking out the game. The family has come back in a few more times, but the father never returned. 

I work for a grocery store in New York. This chain had stores in both my hometown and the city I attended college, so I was able to transfer back and forth when I was in school and on vacations, which was nice. At my home store (226), I was a reasonably good cashier compared to my coworkers. Not the best, but better than average. At my college store (172), I was one of the best cashiers they had, to the point that about two months before I graduated, they offered to make me a supervisor. Since I was hoping to get a job after graduation, I said no, figuring “Why bother having them train me if I’m just gonna leave the company in May?” The job market being what it was, and me only having a bachelor’s degree, I ended up having to come back to 226. Upon returning, I talked to my front end manager, G, and told her that 172 had offered to train me as a supervisor, but I had said no, explained why, and told her that becoming a supervisor was something that interested me. She said she would talk to her assistant manager, T, and our store manager, D, and see what they could do. Nothing ever came of it, and I found out much later that neither the assistant manager nor the store manager heard anything about it. It annoyed me, but I let it go.

Last Saturday, the 8th, I found out that they were about to start training one of my coworkers, K, as a supervisor. Now, admittedly, K has been there longer than I have, but I don’t think she would be more qualified to be a supervisor than I would, although she’s one of the few there who I think would make a competent one at all. I didn’t let it bother me, as she is prone to exaggerating the truth, and wouldn’t stoop below stretching a story to get under my skin.

The next time I worked, Monday the 10th, her story was confirmed by one of the other supervisors, which caused me a lot of anxiety, as I have always had a bit of an “adequacy” complex with G, and her making K a supervisor without even attempting to make me one only made me feel worse. I struggle with anxiety attacks as it is, so I usually carry my Xanax with me at work, as customers can, and do, set me off. However, of course I forgot it that day. So I spent that whole shift, 1130-445, trying my best to keep my anxiety under control, and doing a reasonably good job, or so I thought.

Come to work tonight, after five days off to visit my girlfriend in Albany, and get called into G’s office to find out I’ve been written up because on the 10th, we had our “secret shopper” come into the store, and through my line. According to the documentation sheet I received, “A mystery shopper conducted an audit, and [Robin] did not exhibit CHOPS (our acronym for how we are supposed to interact with every customer) behavior. He did not greet the customer, he did not smile, did not make eye contact, did not ask for the membership card, did not make the guest feel valued or appreciated, he did not make a parting comment and he lacked professionalism - he was not polite, friendly, or pleasant.” Now, it is not uncommon that I fail in some of these categories. I’m not always 100% friendly, I might not smile at every customer, and on days when my anxiety is acting up I don’t like to make eye contact. But it is absolutely drilled into our heads that we have to ask every customer if they have their membership card. The fact that I apparently never asked the customer for their card should have been a major red flag that a usually conscientious employee like me was having issues that day.

I tried to explain to her that I was suffering from really severe anxiety that day (not even mentioning that it was really her fault that I was feeling that way) and the fact that I was able to function at all was an accomplishment. Her only response was “There is no excusing a score that low.”

I’ve been thinking about transferring to a nearby store for a while now, due to the grudge G apparently holds against me, as well as other issues I’ve had with T and our grocery manager, but G’s lack of understanding about my anxiety was the final straw. I’m going in to talk to D tomorrow to see if he can start the transfer process for me. I can’t work in that store anymore. I no longer feel comfortable there, all things considered, and I can’t work in an environment where my supervisors can’t at the very least be understanding about my anxiety issues. If I don’t leave, I’m afraid that one day, I will end up snapping at G or T, and get myself fired.

So this is gonna be really long. I tried to be a good employee at the grocery store, despite making minimum wage, nothing more, for two years. I called out sick 2 times previously and unfortunately ended up in the hospital twice. But I had never been late, covered dozens of shifts, etc.

Well, after my hospital stay they put me on medication that has bad side effects. They upped my dose about a month ago and my body could barely tolerated it. I complained about diziness one day but worked through it. Two weeks later, I had to call out last minute because I FAINTED. Actually my mom had to call because I was laying on the floor. The manager had an attitude with her saying ‘You should have told us earlier’ and hung up.

Two weeks later, I faint at the register. I didn’t feel good the two hours I had been working and told this, and I was told rudely ‘What, do you want us to call somebody in for you.’ Minutes later I fainted. I was sent home obviously…

Next day I worked I was nice and happy until my store manager called me in to meet with him. He told me I was an annoyance for fainting and calling out last minute. I apologized but said this was out of my control. He knows I take psychiatric meds and he said ‘I’m not your doctor, leave that at the door’. He proceeded to say ‘You’re a psychopath, and my bosses would judge me if they knew I had a psychopath working here’ I tried to defend myself as a good employee for covering shifts and he said ‘No, you’re a moron. You put the pennies in the dimes slot and the dimes in the nickles, thank god you are usually only $2 off. You know who else is a moron? Me, for hiring you’ I was on the verge of crying, note that I have another job and I had handed in, and then took back a two weeks notice to this one. He said ‘When I found out you wanted to quit, it tickled me pink!’ He told me one misstep and I would be fired, and that I wouldn’t make it to the end of the month and he is cutting my hours to punish me, to 4 a week.

I come into work again to be treated very poorly in a way that I feel like they don’t think I am going to get fired, they are trying to make me want to quit. The front end person, who answered the phone and got mad at my mom and I for calling out, Ignored me when I spoke to her face and walkes right past me. She was nice to everyone but me. The store manager made a rude remark about me having the next day off because I work my other job 9 hours, and I had to request saturdays off because I could not handle 16 hour work days… which he got mad at me for.

Store manager also told another girl who came in late, instead of telling her to come in on time, that ‘Everyone hates you’ that she was a bad employee and that she was “special” and her cashier job was too hard for her.

I want to quit but at the same time want to force them to deal with me still there to be spiteful. I got told I can sue the store for multiple things though. He called me a psychopath knowing about my mental illness. He was going to fire me based on complications with my health and my medications affecting me. Sorry this is so long but the whole thing is very upsetting.

So, last night, I got my first set of REALLY horrible customers on my register.

A little background: I work as a cashier for a very large box-store chain, and I have only started working there in the last 7 days.  I’m still new, still learning the ropes and everything.  I also have PTSD, depression, and horribly low self-esteem, all of which culminate to produce a horrible reaction when I’m being yelled at.  Watching the scene in “It’s A Wonderful Life” where the main character yells at his children has been known to reduce me to tears. 

During my third day of work, I spent an hour checking people out after I was supposed to take my lunch, but, my light was off, so I thought people would get the message.  Nope.  My manager finally came over and told me to go, and not to check people out with my light off.

Four days later, my manager tells me to turn off my light after a customer, as it is already time for me to go home for the day.  I proceed to check out the next three customers, and by that time, my line has swelled all the way past the other check-out behind me.  If would have taken me an extra hour to check everyone out, so I politely tell people that I am sorry, but I am closed and they will have to use either a self check-out or one of the (decidedly few) registers left.

Two sets of customers (both mothers and daughters out shopping together) lose their tempers at me, and tell me that this is ridiculous, that this is not good service, and leave my register in a huff.  I try to keep it together and take everything that was left back to Customer Service to be re-shelved, like it’s supposed to.  One of my friends is working behind the counter, and lo and behold, one of the customers from my register comes in, demands to be checked out here and snaps that she waited for half an hour in line and that I didn’t give her any service.

My friend calmly checks her out, apologizing for the inconvenience.  By this time, I am wiping my eyes and trying not to cry where she can see, before I finally ask my friend to help me find where some M&Ms go.  My friend asks if I’m okay and I start to cry outright and tell her that I didn’t mean to make anyone mad, but the last time that I had worked with my light off, I’d gotten in trouble, and I didn’t want to get in trouble again.  My friend puts my face on her shoulder, hugs me, and pats my hair while telling me that it’s going to be okay and that I wasn’t going to get in trouble.  I guess it was pretty bad, because one of the other Customer Service workers comes in to help out and takes over the register.  I cry a little longer and then finally get myself together enough to get my stuff and go home.

While walking out of Customer Service, I see the woman who had been so angry staring at me, like she’d just seen a ghost or something.  I didn’t think on it too much while I left, still wiping my eyes and sort of hiccuping.  A few other customers around the store stared at me like I was some kind of new creature.  I was talking it over with my mom afterward - and crying some more, thanks depression - and she pointed out that the woman probably saw me crying and realized that I was actually a human being, just like her, not just some kind of heartless golem working for the store or something.

I have to go back to work today, and work longer hours, on one of the busiest days of the week.  Hopefully, a couple more people remember that I’m human, too.  Without me having to cry.

I am in desperate need of getting this out

Following a complaint about my store manager, back in November, he was fired for sexual harassment and a new store manager was put in his place who was about 26 years old.

At first this girl seemed nice!  She and I got along well because we both liked video games and zombies.  And then the new ASM was hired.  They hit it off because she got to do the two weeks training with her.  Meanwhile, I was living in constant terror of the old store manager coming in on shifts when I was alone, since it was part of the investigation that he was told that I was the one who reported him.  So, of course, my work suffered.

Not only my work suffered, but my life did.  I had trouble giving affection without feeling like I was forcing it on my girlfriend, my OCD flared up like crazy, I had trouble sleeping at night because everyone knew where I lived since I was so close to the store.  I couldn’t let my dog out by himself for fear someone would hurt him (it was a threat the previous store manager made against customers).

The new manager hired her best friend from high school as a cashier for the holidays.  He called off, in his two month stay, eight times.  The last time he called off he was officially calling off seven more.  And the store manager was willing to let him quit until he “got an attitude” with her.  In the store he was constantly telling me inappropriate things about his relationship, which I mentioned to the store manager, like that he was in a BDSM relationship with a 17 year old.  He’s 24.  He was constantly talking about his personal life and told me to look up his tumblr on shift—it was entirely sex gifs, I found out, when I got home.  He was constantly texting on shift and when I told him to stop and he spent the remainder of his shift throwing things around and giving customers an attitude.  He once told a customer to fuck off and not come back.  Despite telling the store manager this, she laughed it off, eventually coming to call me a liar.

I mentioned to the new manager that I had never received proper training, and asked to be trained in November.  She told me she would when Christmas was over.  I asked several times for her opinion on my work since she was constantly giving me attitude and cold shoulder, and I had also learned that everything I had been taught was wrong.  She said I was doing fine.

Fast forward to beginning of January, where the store manager writes me up and says if I make one more mistake, I’ll be fired.  I’m at a loss because most of the write up is based on gossip from the other ASM and was never clarified through me.  She said I’d been complaining I was tired, despite receiving minimum hours allowed for an ASM.  Yes, I was, because I hadn’t slept properly since November.  I had to literally keep myself awake so long I couldn’t keep it up, or I didn’t sleep at all following the sexual harassment charge.  She writes me up based on things her best friend cashier was saying, without clarifying or getting facts (for instance, I had the radio turned on, yes, to keep track of the weather in a snow storm, something I had been told was allowed).  She calls me a liar to my face when I recite things I said back to her, such as her never giving me proper training.

So I work my ass off for my probation period.  I finally get into counseling for the harassment/assault charge, I improve my work all over.  I do twice the work in a shift as either of the other managers, and yet I’m told I’m still doing everything wrong and not getting training.  Alongside this, I am not receiving the 30 hours a week that is required to give ASMs.  So I am looking for a second job as my mother is currently jobless and my father is losing hours at one of his three jobs due to low sales.  I ask a few customers about full time jobs in the area for my mother.  I ask the SM if I’m improving and she says “a little bit” and refuses to tell me why.  I finally report her to HR since the DM and RVP completely ignore all my calls.  The store manager calls me back into the office and tells me I’m fired because I apparently haven’t improved at all (again, I never received either management or CSR training???  My CSR training was completed by my first store manager which is a rant in itself), I discussed with the other ASM that we felt the schedule was poorly done (she wanted to vent so I let her?? it somehow turned into “glassestitan does nothing but complain about the schedule” when in reality the other girl went on and on about how she wasn’t going to come in for two hours of work, she wasn’t getting enough hours, it was so badly done, she needed a day off, etc etc), she heard that I’d been asking to find other jobs, and she found out I called HR on her.

I’m furious.  I hope the store burns down, and I honestly can’t wait to see who comes in in a snow storm as my last day was a 13 hour shift, 10 of which I was completely alone because literally everyone else called off.  And half the store lives less than a mile away.

…[Edit] I went to fix the rant I just submitted and accidentally clicked the submit button, but I also wanted to mention the company took away my counseling after I was fired.  The counseling that I had to get because they promoted a womanizer 8|b  Despite my already having three more appointments scheduled.

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Want to quit… but feels trapped…

I currently work at a “highly known thrift store chain” and have for the past 5 years. I have had two head managers. Both have treated me very different from the other. My first one had treated me with the “fake respect”. You can’t put it to words but they say things that are some what respectful but you just hear something or see something that is off setting. It doesn’t match up to the rest of the way they behave. It felt wrong and off setting. She was fired for a problem with money not showing up at the end of the night. 

My current manager has treated me at first very well. She took her time with me and knew of my problems. (I am a high functioning Aspergers… person… yeah) It has been as of recent that has gotten me on edge. Some things have come up that may or may not be their fault so I am in need of advice. 

A friend of mine came through my line and we had a bit of an issue as the card wouldn’t go through. She received a text from her bank saying that she was charged. I don’t know if it was pending or if she got charged. I initially called a lady manager but she also brought a man manager with her. They looked into it but we have it shown on our end. The thing is the man manager didn’t sound professional to me. Though his words were genuine, his tone didn’t seem so. I tried to lighten the mood and claim that I understood that she was upset and that she had every right to be upset. Apparently my managers thought I was trying to make an excuse for her. O.o I told her multiple times no. Eventually her girlfriend paid with cash and they left. 

The machines had been doing this for a while so I didn’t know what we could have done. The register asks for two signatures but the card machine doesn’t. We still have this problem to this day. About a couple days later she messaged me on Facebook asking for a number for her to call to complain about the way the man manager was treating her. I pulled out one of the folders from our drawer and saw the District Store Managers number (I do believe that it was her cell) and gave her that and also advised to call the store as best result. A week later, I get called into the office saying that they wanted my side of what had happened. I told exactly as stated before and they wrote me up as a written warning for giving the DSM Cell number. I swear that someone said that that was what the number was for. The number had since been removed from all 3 binders. 

When I was also in the office, they informed me that part of the reason we have been losing customers is because of us cashiers. That we don’t send positive messages about the POS System (Kind of hard to do that when the machine breaks half the time. Granted I don’t hate the machines, just treat them like any other and take care of the machines in a mature manner), and that we turn our backs to our customers (once in a blue moon I have done that) and that we are constantly asking about breaks yelling to each other over our registers (I actually don’t see this very often at all either way) and that I talk too much. I actually don’t talk that much to anyone anymore because of the way I got treated prior to these events. I would answer a workers question about the machines and I would walk up to them to tell them what to do and I would get called out for talking. O.o I talk under my breath alot now because I have no way to talk to anyone at all now. I am far too scared to be called out on something that doesn’t make sense or something that I don’t feel I am doing. On top of that, I feel that the man manager was kind of rude and that my friend’s complaint was justified. He had told her that if it didn’t go through that he would pay her out of his own pocket. Last I checked this is not legal nor professional. For some reason the lady manager stood by him on his actions though she never would hardly otherwise. 

The real reason, as far as I can tell, is because our stuff is too damn expensive. We are a thrift store. A pair of Lee’s Jeans cost almost 7 to 10 dollars. As a thrift store, that is ridiculous. I can’t even afford cloths there and I work there! Part time hours but still, when you can’t pay for a winter coat and you have to use the ‘Good Points’ to get it… there is something wrong. Some of our stuff is pretty cheap such as kids books for 50 Cents but when a leather coat costs 50 dollars at a [PLACE OF WORK] and you are in need of a winter coat that will actually keep you warm… I think you guys get the idea. 

As of right now, I am too afraid to quit. I go to school an hour away from home. I constantly feel like I am being watched. Oh yeah almost forgot. We have a round up system. Basically,your total can be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference gets donated straight to our program and services. I don’t like asking. Our sh** is expensive as it is. So I generally ask when they are really close to the next dollar, so about 20 cents or so would get donated. Our head store manager will watch us sometimes and make us ask for the donation. She will be there for a completely different reason and she will watch me (only me it seems) and force me to ask. She is RIGHT ON MY BACK. I HAVE to ask. People have suggested that if we don’t we could get written up. Our Rack Department should never be written up if they don’t get there numbers. Clothes are donated… got that… DONATED. If nothing comes in.. they ‘could’ get in trouble for not getting their numbers. They are the ones suggesting this. None of us should get written up just because we don’t get our respective numbers. 

I am nervous all the time now. I am scared all the time now. They know of my Aspergers… papers and all.

We also have a model stock, which makes no sense for a store that takes donations. I just don’t get this system like at all. 

I have this job part time and school part time as well. I am scared to leave. I want a new job but I feel the economy is just too much and that I can’t get a knew one .. let alone hold one. I got this job via Job Coach. I am just….  ahhh!

Advice? Help?


Send advice here!

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How I’m working for $5.50 a day at the country’s third largest retailer.

I just recently started working at a store where you can “shop your way” on January 20th. On the 7th was my first paycheck. My HR manager had sent in all of the hours that I worked before I was officially put in the system. Someone on the other end apparently screwed things up. I worked 69 hours. When I got my paycheck I was only paid for 14. I went in the next day (I had payday and the day before off) and asked what happened. Unfortunately, my HR manager couldn’t call until Monday. I went into work today and was told that I won’t be getting the rest of my paycheck until next payday which is the 21st of this month. 

Author’s Note: Is this even legal?

Yeah unforutunately it is.  As long as they rectify the amount, its legal.

I hope you choke on your bread.

I recently got a new job, and I love it. It’s a cozy, locally-owned grocery store where the managers actually treat you like a human, the pay is decent, and the radio always plays really good music.

The store is near the middle of town and is surrounded by a lot of other little shops and restaurants. Because of this, there’s always the issue of people using our parking lot when they’re not actually shopping in our store. There are tons of signs up warning you that your car will be towed if you do this, and usually this is good enough for most people. 

However, the day before I actually had two customers come up to me to ask me personally if they were allowed to leave their cars in our lot while they went up the street to the nearby bakery or something. I didn’t know how to handle these questions (besides just saying “no”, which would probably piss them off). So today on my shift, I asked my coworker what they did when they got these questions.

He had no sooner finished telling me his take on the matter (which was to refuse) when I turned around and saw a rather attractive woman, probably in her early 30’s, about to purchase a cup of coffee. She looked at me and said in a voice that seemed loud, stilted, and almost rehearsed, “May I…leave my car here while I go buy a loaf of bread?”

I was confused. She had to have heard the conversation we were just having. Was she trying to play a joke? I felt a little wary of her and awkwardly said, “Ummmm, well ma’am, store policy is that we don’t allow folks to use our lot unless they’re shopping in our store. I’m sorry.” and laughed nervously. 

That was when the scary thing happened. Her face split into a creepy ear-to-ear smile, the way that the mean popular girls in high school movies do when they’re about to do something completely sociopathic. She then leaned onto the counter toward me, staring directly into my eyes the whole time, and said in a sugary-sweet voice, “Well, guess what? I’m going to do it anyway! I’m going to leave my car in this lot, go up the street, and give those good people at the bakery some business! It will take all of three minutes and then I’ll leave! I’m allowed to do that! I care about your store, I bought this coffee right here, and I’m allowed to do it!” 

She then took her coffee and flounced out of the store without another word. 

I’ve dealt with plenty of crappy customers before. I’ve had some job or another since I was 15, and I’ve seen the best and worst of people. I had a batty old rich woman scream at me until I about peed my pants because we were out of the local newspaper. But nothing felt as hurtful or as violating as when that awful woman stared into my eyes and told me that she didn’t give a fuck about what I had to say or how I felt.

The thing is, if she’d simply not said anything and just left her car, no one would have noticed. It was a slow day. They would never have called the towing company. I bet she knew that. I feel like she did what she did just to make me squirm, hurt me, and assert dominance over some twenty-something cashier girl. Not a lot gets to me like that but that evening I came home and cried. 

why cant you just go check the table, tho??

I’m a hostess at a popular restaurant chain. Our location happens to be right across the street from an Aquarium. Naturally, we get a lot of souvenir family photos and plushies in our lost and found.

I got on at 4pm. I get a call around 7 that goes something like

Woman: Hi, I ate there with my family today at lunch. We left around 2pm and we forgot a stack of Aquarium photos of my family at the table.

Me: Oh okay, let me check my lost and found bin, just give me one minute!

Woman: No, I left it at the table. We were sitting at one of those large round booths you have.

Me [?????]: …I understand that ma’am, but we have bussers thoroughly clean the tables after each party leaves… Anything left behind is put it in our lost and found. But I don’t see any pictures in here.

Woman [obviously frustrated]: That’s because we left them at the TABLE. Can you just go check? Like, under the table too. It might have fallen under the booth. It was the one on the right side of the restaurant.

Me: Ma’am, I can’t check the table now, we currently have people sitting there.

Woman: They won’t mind! It was a very expensive photo, they’ll understand.

Me [??????]: Ma’am, I’m sorry but I can’t do that. I can check after they leave, but it’s very unlikely that it would still be there.

Woman: I don’t see why you can’t just check under the fucking table.

Me: I’m very sorry ma’am.Can you leave me a name and contact number? I’ll give you a call tonight if it shows up. If it doesn’t I’ll leave the note here for other hosts in case it turns up later.

[She gives me her name and number. I then ask her to briefly describe the photo and she gets into an argument with me because I apparently saw her and should know what she looked like. I told her I wasn’t working at lunch and we need a description to distinguish the photo in case someone else leaves their Aquarium photos here.

She then demands to speak to a manager. He tells her he can’t check the table right now as there are guests sitting there and will give her a call if something turns up.

Aka, exactly what I said]

tdlr; woman gets angry with me because she lost an expensive souvenir photo at our restaurant and demands I check the table she was sitting at HOURS ago instead of checking lost and found.