Ranting Robins
Give good service, guy stalks you

Okay, I am freaking out right now.

Two weeks ago, a man came by my store asking about our cookie cakes.  I told him about them, the prices, and how long it took to make.  Even gave him a brochure for it.  Flash forward two weeks later and he finds me on Facebook and messages me that he liked the service and wanted to reward me.  I was little creeped out but I figured that I just helped him out.  Thing is, he kept messaging me, asking when I worked so he could come by, asking if I wanted to go to the Hard Rock Casino with him and then, before he came by that day, messaged me saying that he was nervous and excited to meet me.  Red flag right there, to me, at least.

When he came by, he gave me a card that read as follows;

Hi (my name)

I asked you before about the Huge Cookies and you were simple the best, charismatic, friendly, and nice. You got 100% my attention big guy. This is just a little gift of appreciation for you, I guess you can use it to get some lunch.  (enclosed was a gift card for Subway with an unknown amount on it)

(my name), I would like to hang with you sometime what about going to grab something to eat, maybe a movie or whatever you want I hope you say yes to my invitation. My name is Caesar and my phone is ———. you can all me or text me.

I really would like to hear from you and hope we can get together soon.

Take care for now big guy.

Now I could be wrong, but this sound like he wants to relationship.  Thing is, I am not gay.  And I am also getting VERY creepy vibes from the whole thing and I am now worried.  I told him through FB messages that I wasn’t gay or interested in such and asked him how he had found me.  He has yet to reply.

Now someone has told me that I am overreacting and that he may just be very lonely and want a friend, but I am still not sure about it all.  I am going to tell my boss tomorrow about it all and leave the card at work to give back.  I am just so uneasy about it all.  Just needed to get it off my chest.

———— I really hope your manager does something about that, but that pretty damn high on the creep-o-meter. -L
Unfair Evaluations Given at a Terrible Time (Here’s a Long One folks)

   So as the season comes to a close all of the cashiers and supervisors are given their evaluations.  The thing is, is that they are given at random times, so everyone is on their toes and just getting more and more stressed that they haven’t been called in for it.  So finally as I walked into work today the manager pulled me aside and proceeded to tell me my evaluation.  It’s a score of 1-3 (there is a 4 but he decided that we can only get a 4 is if we do something extraordinary, bs).  For the majority of my eval was fairly average (money never off, does work) but for these evals the supervisors had to find at least one problem to fix for each cashier.  So even if you were perfect they basically had to make something up.  

    The only negative things about my eval was that "I have a ‘do I have to" attitude" and that I “socialize with the crew too much” and here’s the kicker, “I have punctuality issues”.  I’ll admit to the 2nd offense but that is applied to everyone even the supervisors, we all talk to the crews, cause it gets slow and we sort of have to work together on some issues.  The 1st one I’ve literally never uttered the words ‘do i have to’ and I’m pretty goddamn proactive on what has to be done.  The 3rd one I questioned, I was like

Me- “I’m never late to work, ever”
Manager- “yeah you’ve never been late but you usually always cut it close’

…meaning I arrive just when my schedule says to arrive.  If my schedule says 2-9:30, I come in at 2 o’clock, sometimes earlier but never later.  So basically they were upset that I wasn’t early and that I arrived on time.  Which is fucking bullshit, and I even told him that without the fucking obviously.  He’s said “Yeah so that’s something you could work on”…uhm how about no.  I’m never late and that is one bullshit negative to put on my evaluation.  

   Now here’s the shitty and ridiculous things about these evaluations.
1. Every supervisor has to make one for each cashier (even if you’ve only worked with some supervisors once or twice all season, I mainly worked with 2 supervisors), so how are you going to get a fair review if they only saw you once or twice.
2. We can’t ever get a perfect score.
3. There always has to be at least one problem to be fixed per cashier.
4. The cashiers don’t get to give the supervisors evaluations
5. We’re not told which supervisor gave us which scores and we aren’t given copies of our evals, we just sign a paper saying we were told them.
6. Certain supervisors are biased towards some cashiers (how are we to get a fair eval if there’s a negative work relationship with a cashier and supervisor)/I happen to have a negative work relationship with one of the supervisors and was told by my friend who’s a supervisor that she saw his review of me and it was terrible, he gave me the lowest score possible.
7. They grab you during work.

The problem with number six is that we are then given this information to carry the whole work shift.  So everyone working is now upset and angry and just having a shitty work day overall, affecting our actual work.  They could have told us after work or really any other time.  

Overall the whole system is flawed especially for the cashiers whose whole evaluation can be negative by just one low score.  Thus having an effect on whether we get to keep our jobs and come back the next season.  It’s completely ridiculous and really only makes the cashiers not want to come back at all.

Ok rant over.
















So I work in a small family owned retail store that clearly states on the receipts that returns or exchanges are accepted within 30 days with the tags and receipt. Pretty clear right? Now granted, if it is a regular everyday item that we carry and still have in stock I generally won’t give you any grief about it even if you don’t have your receipt or if it is past the 30 days if you are nice, heck none of the employees will because the owner has said it is fine. But to be a down right bitch about it when you don’t have a receipt swearing that you only bought it a few days ago and my computer shows that it has been over thirty days and I know for a fact that we haven’t had that item in stock for well over a month? Prepare to be reminded of the return policy and be prepared to wait while I go ask a manager. And I might just stop to get some water or have a quick chat with someone if you are being really rude about it all and yelling at me. Just a bit of advice to customers, we are generally more than willing to bend over backwards to help you out with things when you treat us like real people and are nice about it.

Anyway, today we had a customer come in acting all pissy from the get go and wanting to return or exchange out some items that, you guessed it, she didn’t have the receipts for, the tags had been taken off and when I looked it up she had bought 45 days ago. They are also fashion pieces that will just go strait on the sales rack. She then proceeds to start raising her voice when I say I have to go ask a manager ranting about the fact that she spends soooo much money in the store all the time and she shouldn’t be treated like this since this is the only store of ours she goes to. Lady, if I don’t know you by sight, you obviously aren’t in here as often as you claim spending that much money. After 4 years I know our regulars and I know them by name. My manager tells me just to do it, but to remind her of the policy and that if she doesn’t spend the full amount she can only get store credit. So that’s what I proceed to do. She then begins practically yelling that she never asked for money back and asking if we are owned by the same people who own the other two stores (well, no shit, the answer is yes) and that she never has problems returning stuff there and it is only our store that she has problems returning stuff at and it is absolutely unacceptable. Um, I’m pretty sure you just told me you had never been to either of our other store, but whatever. I remind her that we are accepting the exchange and that I just work here and have to abide by the rules set out for me. She continued to yell for a bit before huffing off to look around at which point I turn to my coworker (who is looking shocked as is the other customer in the store) to let her know in a low voice that I’m going to run to the back to take care of some other things that I needed to do. Which was the truth, but she also understood my need to get away from the crazy bitch. Of course, the lady comes storming over to me when I’m walking towards the back demanding to know what I said to my coworker about her, to which I respond that I told her I was going to the back to finish something I needed to do. A minute or two later after the manager has asked me what all the yelling was about, my coworker comes to the back to let the manager know the lady would like to speak with her. 

I’ll give you three guesses as to how the lady spun the whole thing, and the first two don’t count. My manager somehow managed to calm the crazy bitch down and let me know that they will handle the front until she left. Great for me because I didn’t have do deal with the she devil and I could get some other work stuff done. When she left she was all smiles and giggles…

Going to be honest here, after she advanced on me which was in a very threatening manner, I almost wish that she had placed a hand on me so that I could have smacked her. And I’m not normally one for violence, but someone who treats anyone that way really needs to be knocked down a few pegs as they are no more important than we retail robins are and we have feelings just like they do. I also still have to wonder what her response would have been if I told her something along the lines of I needed to change my tampon when she asked what I told my coworker.

People scan their cards all the time before I tell them the total or apply discounts. WHY DO THEY DO THAT

I usually get people sliding their card before I’ve even signed in. Or lately for some odd reason, before their fabric is even finished getting cut.

(Cont. Gift Anon) One co-worker said, "You're sweet and you haven't made major mistakes before, so if anything you'll probably get a talk and not be fired, if you were even caught." I dunno if that should be reassuring to me...

That not reassuring at all…


There’s a price difference between regular coffee and espresso/cappuccino/latte

So this happened to a fellow cashier.  We have canisters of black coffee on one side of the room and then a machine that does what I consider fancy coffee (latte, espresso etc) the difference is that regular coffee is $1.95 and the others are $2.80.  We tell customers ‘regular coffee is free refills’.  Sometimes we have to repeat and emphasize the regular coffee.  

We had one customer who bought a regular coffee then he comes back about 20 minutes later and goes up to the ‘fancy’ coffee machine.  He takes his cup, presses the espresso button, espresso comes out and he stands there for a minute and drinks it all.  Then puts the cup back and hits cappuccino.  So when he starts to walk away the other cashier stops him and says ‘that’ll be $5.60 sir’ and he just like explodes.


 And this cashier is known for not taking shit so she just explains that it’s only regular coffee and that the coffee he got does not fall under the category of regular coffee and the coffee he got cost $2.80.  So he angrily takes out his wallet and gives her three dollars doesn’t take the change and goes to walk away.  So then this happened.

Cashier-“Sir that’s going to be $2.80”
Customer-“I just paid for the coffee”
Cashier-“You paid for one coffee, you also had an espresso”
Customer-“Well I didn’t know that I had to pay for it”
Cashier-“You still have to pay for it sir”
Customer-“I shouldn’t have to I didn’t know!”
Cashier-“You still have to pay for it sir”
Customer-“This is goddamn ridiculous, where’s your manager”
Cashier-“He’s in the back, you’re still going to have to pay for the espresso sir”

So he just throws $5 dollars at her and storms away…like sir you just gave her $8 dollars for a $5.60 purchase because you were being a little bitch.  You know why the espresso and cappuccino cost so much, is because it takes more to make it than regular black coffee, why would we let you pay $1.95 for a coffee and then get cups of the expensive coffee for free…why are customers so dumb sometimes.

I’ve had my share of bad days at work, but today takes the cake. Since school let back in, we haven’t been that busy, even on weekends. The past week or so has been really slow but today we had an unexpected swarm of customers that even took the store manager by surprise. As a result, we were significantly understaffed. There was only one or two people in the kitchen and people were complaining that it was taking 20-30 minutes to get their food and I get it. That’s a very valid complaint but there really wasn’t anything else we could do. The manager tried calling multiple people to see if they could come in early or come in on their day off to help out but there wasn’t much luck. 

As if things weren’t bad enough with me being the only cashier (i.e. the only scapegoat up there who had to take the heat of every single customer that complained), the servers were down for quite some time resulting in lots of people not being able to pay with their debit cards. There was this one asshole customer who kept complaining to me about how long it was taking to get his food as if that was really anything I had control over as a mere cashier but then he started complaining that we should have put a sign on the door saying you couldn’t use cards or I should have made a big announcement. First off, I have no authority as a regular employee to put up signs. That’s up to a manager and sometimes the manager won’t want signs put up (for some silly-ass reason) to warn people that something is broken. Secondly, I have a tiny voice that is barely heard over the loudness of the crowd. I can’t project it very much. I can’t help it. That’s just how my vocal cords are, especially when I’m nervous or stressed out.

There was another asshole who I like to call one of those “Berserk Button Customers” where they’re nice to you at first but when one tiny little thing inconveniences them, they turn into fucking monsters at the drop of a hat. He comes up to me and says, “Why is it taking so long?” I answer, “We’re understaffed?” he replies, “Why?” I answer back, “We’re just understaffed. That’s it.” and you know what? He has the fucking gall to criticise us for not having enough people. “Well, it’s a Saturday. You should be expecting more people.” Listen up, dipshit, of course we know Saturdays are going to be busy but first of all, this is more busy than we’re used to around this time of year, two, we did have a reasonable amount of people scheduled to work but the lazy bums pulled a no-call-no-show and no one else is willing to come in early or on their day off to help out, If you’re going to have the fucking nerve to criticise us for not being psychics and predicting that an assload of people would suddenly show up after we’ve had many slow days in the past couple of week, then you better be willing to come behind this counter and TRY to do the things we do and put up with the shit we put up with. No? You wouldn’t be able to handle it? Then get back in line and wait with the others whilst we try and make the best out of a bad situation.

This same dipstick also told me that I should warn customers ahead of time that there’s a 20-minute/30-minute wait for food which was a good idea so I started warning customers before they ordered something from the kitchen. Then the store manager scolded me in the office later for telling people that because of some policy or whatnot. At that point, I literally felt like I was about to break down into tears but I kept myself composed because knowing that people would see me crying would only make me more stressed out. My voice would start to break when telling customers their total and stuff. I was just tired of being yelled at by everyone, both managers and customers alike. If I was trying to be considerate of the customers by telling them ahead of time that there would be a long wait, I was breaking some policy according to the manager, but if I didn’t warn them, I’d get chewed out by customers.

Today was just a horrible day and it was the first time in the 7 months I’ve been here that I came really close to crying. But I don’t feel like ending this rant on a negative note and I feel the need to mention this one guy who was actually really nice and understanding and he deserves to be mentioned here as well.

This one customer came up to the counter and I was thinking, “Oh god. Here we go again.” believing that he was going to be another bitchy one but he was basically like, “I just wanted you guys to know that you’re going really fast considering the crowd you got. I know because I run a business, too. Also, don’t let the rude customers get to you. So tell your manager I said you you guys are doing great.” It was really unexpected and it really made my day to hear that in the crowd of crabby customers, there was one person who understood we were doing our best given the circumstances. Rock on, cool customer guy!

I work at a shoe store where we don’t charge you as much, and one of the employees has been planning a fantastic vacation for like a year, nonrefundable tickets and everything. So to help cover for her, we brought over a girl from another local store to help. I was told recently that tomorrow is the last day she’d be helping us. I was a little sad, cause she’s a cool person. I was told it was her choice to leave, and that she would not be coming back. Apparently, a family came in, early in the morning a couple days before, and attempted to pay for a $19 purchase with a $100 bill. When she told the man that she couldn’t make change for it so early in the day, he got really upset and made a scene. The whole family went to the back of the store, and when they left, apparently the kids had made a huge mess, pulled like 20 shoes into the floor. :( she wasn’t even FROM our store, she was just there to help…

Entitled People

We offer an in-store shredding service, but what’s left out of the fine print is that it can only be done on the spot if it’s under ten pounds. There are two places for shredding - one in the front by our copy center that everyone can see, and one in the back. The one in the back is a huge, padlocked bin with just a tiny little slot at the top to drop documents through. Nobody in the store, not even the store manager, has a key to the lock. It’s operated by an independent company that I guess we have a contract with, and when it’s full, it gets taken away to be incinerated or something.

A couple of days ago, a couple brought in a giant garbage bag full of stuff for shredding. I warned them that if it was over ten pounds that we had to take it to the back, and he got sooo huffy with me (as in, HOW DARE I NOT GO AGAINST COMPANY POLICY), asking about the process about the padlocked .

I said I wasn’t sure, because the manager didn’t know either, so I told them I’d look in the back so I could see if I could google the company and their process.

When I came back, I finally weighed their stuff and it was 28 pounds, which is a lot for our smaller shredder. There’s a reason we have that policy in place!

But the couple was insistent that I do it up front and tried to be all, “Well, what if we said each of us came with ten pounds, and then we just ‘came back’ with the other eight?” To which I replied that it was ten pounds per customer, per day.

They just kept harping and harping, not even giving me a chance to look up the other company. I even offered to take them to the back so they could see that nobody could get into this box, but they refused. I realized that they weren’t going to budge, and they didn’t seem keen on leaving either, so my manager finally just told me to go ahead and do it.

You know what the majority of this twenty-eight pounds of shredding was?

Junk mail.

Look, I understand not wanting to sort out your crap. I get that you might feel a little uncomfortable about your documents simply being tossed into a bin for later instead of being shredded in front of your eyes. But for the love of everything, any place that offers a shredding service does not mean you use it as your personal garbage can.

Guess what! It’s actually free to throw out or even recycle that crap by yourself! And you wouldn’t have to pay anyone a dollar a pound for it, either!

Oh, and in shredding all of this couple’s stuff, we ran out shredder bags, which meant we couldn’t do shredding for anyone until we got more bags, which took like three more days.

And naturally, this couple stood around and waited for all of this shredding to be done and gave me stupid, smug smiles the entire time and looked all pissed off every time I stopped to ring out other customers.

I don’t know why they were so smug. Like congratulations, you got your way and in doing so, made us unable to shred anything else for three days, went against company policy, and wasted like twenty minutes of your life watching me shred your crap? Whatever. UGH