Ranting Robins
I just have to laugh at the customers who get mad at me for things that are neither mine, nor the store’s fault.

So, I’ve recently been promoted to night-time supervisor at the drug store I work at.  I’m still pretty new, so every now and then a matter comes up in which I have to call my manager at her home.  She’s super cool about it and doesn’t mind helping me out if it means less work for her to deal with in the morning.  Since I’m still pretty new to supervising, I am extremely hesitant to do anything that even remotely resembles being outside of store policy, so sometimes I end up calling her just to confirm that something is outside of the policy before I tell the customer that I can’t do it.

We have two large racks of gift cards available to buy at our store.  They range from iTunes cards, to prepaid credit cards, to restaurant gift cards, and they are non-refundable once they’ve been paid for and activated because we’re stocked by an outside company.  This is clearly marked on the shelves, and yet we continuously get people coming in trying to return them for one reason or another, and almost every single time, the card is not the issue; the customer is.  They’re either not registering the cards online (which some companies require and in which case it is clearly marked on the card itself) or in the case of iTunes cards, they’re typing the code into iTunes wrong when they try to activate the card on their account.

It is one hour before closing time, there is one cashier in each department, and I’m the only supervisor on duty.  I’m cashing out my till for the night when I get called out to the front by the front end cashier.  I ask what the issue is.  It seems a lady bought a $100 iTunes card a couple of hours earlier, but it’s not working for some reason.  So I ask to see the card, the receipt, and the activation slip.  All of which the lady has with her, so I look it over.  The card number matches the number on the activation slip, and the card does appear on the receipt, so I know that the cashier has done her job correctly.

I’m not sure if she wants a new card, or a refund, or to just figure out what the issue is, but in any case, we’ve done everything we can do.  The card should be working, because thanks to the activation slip, we know without a doubt that it has been activated.  I try to explain to her that we can’t really do anything, but she asks to see the manager.  To which I reply that I’m the acting manager tonight, but if she wants to speak to someone else, she can come in tomorrow when the front end manager will be in.

She says, “No.  I can’t, because now I’m out $100 and my husband is waiting to use this card.”

(Dude apparently can’t wait one day to download some music…)

So I reluctantly agree to go to call my manager at home.  She says exactly what I expected her to say.  We’ve done our job; there’s nothing we can do; the problem is not on our end; maybe they entered the activation code into their iTunes account wrong.

I relay this information to the customer, and she assures me that the code has been entered correctly, because she texted it to her husband, who then tried to use it, but it wouldn’t work.  The remainder of our conversation is as follows:

Me:  Are you certain the code is being typed into iTunes correctly?  Maybe there was a number or a letter left out of the text you sent him, or maybe he’s misreading it?

Customer:  No, it’s exact.  I made sure.  Here, you can even look at the text.

She pulls out her phone and shows me the code that she texted to him.  I compare it to the one on the card, and immediately see the issue. 

Me:  Okay, I see that there’s a mistake here in the text.  Right here on the card, there’s a 'J', but in the text, it’s an ‘O’.  It was possibly just a typo.

Customer:  No, he tried the 'J' but it didn’t work.  

(Not sure how he could have tried the J’ already when it clearly said ‘O’ in the text she sent him.  Some kinda ~telepathic magic~ I guess.  Because that’s obviously the only possible explanation…)

I stand there trying to figure out how to possibly convey to her that we’ve done everything we can and the problem could only be that her husband is typing it into iTunes wrong.  In the meantime, I can feel the rage radiating off her the longer we stand there.

Customer:  Well, you said I could come back tomorrow, right?

Me:  Well you could, but there’s really nothing they could do for y—oh, okay.

She walks away from me before I’m even finished speaking.

Me (genuinely apologetic):  Sorry!

Customer (turning around):  Your manager is going to hear from me.  Because I’m out $100 now, and that is unacceptable.

Me:  I literally just got off the phone with my manager about this.  I don’t really know what you’re expecting.

The customer then proceeded to scoff at me before walking out.

Me:  Have a good night!

Sorry lady.  We’ve done our jobs; it’s not our fault you can’t type.  Had a good laugh about it with the cashier after, though.

I am positive all of you deal with these people.

I work at a jewelry kiosk. This particular kiosk is owned by two large jewelry companies. Every story under this company follows a return and exchange policy that requires receipts. If we don’t use a receipt, it gets considered as a store loss, and can probably ultimately mess up inventory. It is completely against company policy to do a return or exchange without some evidence of a receipt. We even ask customers to take pictures of their receipts just in case. 

This woman comes up to my kiosk already annoyed and tells me she didn’t know her screwback earrings were screwbacks and accidentally broke the back by ripping it off. First, screwbacks are so aptly named because they have ridges in the post of the stud. Second, all screwback earrings say that they are screwbacks on the packaging. We don’t waste money writing “screwback post” in gold on our leather pads for shits and giggles. It’s for the customers and employees to differentiate between earrings. It’s a hundred percent her fault she broke these earrings. 

Even so, I’m being nice and ask if she has the receipt, and she huffs and says no. I am able to turn her town immediately and tell her I can’t ring up an exchange without the receipt because our computers won’t allow it. I do not say this. I tell her I can look her up through our system, if her purchase was logged under her phone number. She walks over to the side the computer is on and watches me input her number and look at more than one result and find nothing. I put in another phone number of hers and also find nothing. I go on the company website to access customer information that way…and find nothing. She is watching me do all of this for her and is still somehow mad at me…that she doesn’t have her receipt. 

She starts mumbling that she can’t believe i can’t do this because she bought them a month ago and i’m the one who attended her…as if I remember every customer I’ve ever attended to…I tell her i can possibly look it up by date if she remembers the day she bought them. She says she paid with a card, and tells me she’s going to go to her bank and have them print out a proof of purchase with a date before stomping off…I never once told her or insinuated I didn’t think she bought them….company policy simply requires receipts for any returns or exchanges. I really don’t understand how customers think i have a personal vendetta against them because i’m following company policy

it’s funny in retrospect.

there’s a woman who is a regular in my store, and she’s well known by all the cashiers/managers because she will purposefully take as much time as she can at the register (by complaining about certain things, re-bagging things because she didn’t like how you bagged it, sitting at the register flipping through magazines to figure out which one to get). Everyone recognizes her. So when she came in the store, I told the manager, bc I’ve dealt with her before.

I swear to god she’s been in there enough she knows when we change to the overnight shift, so she waits to go through my line until 10:50pm, ten minutes til shift change, and starts pulling her usual shit. I even had to run back through the store to pick up a new product for her because she didn’t want one that’d fallen on the ground off the bag carousel (because she didn’t bother to grab any of her stuff to put it in her cart and let it pile up).

when i FINALLY get through the transaction(s) (SHE MADE ME PUT ONE SINGLE $3 MAGAZINE ON A SEPARATE TRANSACTION) I IMMEDIATELY pull my drawer and go get counted down. She waited until after i got counted down and started trying to complain about something i’d done as I was trying to clock out.

i “yes ma’am“‘d her until she seemed to be done talking then i literally… sprinted to my car out of fear she was going to try to stop me again. the overnight guy (who’s dealt with her shit many a time) was probably laughing his ass off.

So i work as a waitress, and i double as cashing people out so this girl comes in with a coupon for buy two get one free pretty much. She used the coupon to the full ability ordering for her and her brother and gets the free breakfast and goes and eats.A woman who i despise SO much comes in and orders food, RIGHT after i cash this chick out she goes

Crazy Lady:”Oh my daughter had a coupon i need you to apply it to this so i can get the free meal” I register who she is talking about proceeded to tell her

Me:”Oh ma’am your daughter already used the coupon to its full ability i can’t use it again”

Crazy Lady: That makes no sense I’m supposed to get a free breakfast with that coupon!”

Me:Well I’m sorry but your daughter used it for herself and your son I can’t do anything about it

Crazy Laady: Ugh you can’t just guest comp it? The other manager did it before! 

At this point I’m irritated as fuck because she as a customer is not supposed to know what buttons we use for discounts and thats not even what guest comp is used for! So I’m like Oh so since you’ve done this before where you make your kids use the coupon and come in and complain so you can get a free meal?? I don’t fucking think so!  So she proceeds to tell me how its dumb and she wants to talk to my manager who i GLADLY go get and she tells her the same thing. Her daughter already used the coupon and it can’t be reused again at this point i walk off because this chick comes in all the time demanding she gets her order before everybody else and so forth. So i go back to my register and my manager is politely scolding her telling her next time she won’t do it for her and that she needs to have a coupon next time. The woman obviously embarrassed tells me thanks for my help and walks off. Lady next time you want to come in here telling me how to do my job you might as well take your ass to the back and cook your own food and cash yourself out since you obviously know how to do it, and stop letting your kids order before you get there because they obviously always mess shit up!


Ok so I was working a shift with a new cashier (it was only her second week) as we start closing I’m meant to show her how to clean a coffee machine (it makes lattes,cappuccinos, hot chocolate etc).  Anyway I showed her how to clean it, inside the machine are 5 canisters with different powders for the drinks which have these pipes that the powder comes out of, we flip the pipes upwards so no powder clogs it at night.  I then went away to finish cleaning.  Now she’s been here a week and I assumed she knew the basics like telling a customer that we are closed (we work on a boat with an open floor plan so customers can still come into our area thinking we’re open we just have to tell them we’re not).  I walk away and in about a minute I see her standing next to a customer who is looking to get hot chocolate from the machine and not only does she not tell him we’re closed she also places his cup in the machine and shows him how to get it.


I try to get there quickly but, I can’t yell or anything, and I can’t turn off the machine mid-pour.  So I have her and the customer looking at me like I’m crazy for interrupting and looking so frazzled.

I explain to the customer that unfortunately we are closed and we wouldn’t have been able to ring him up anyway as we’ve all cashed out of our registers.  As well as telling him the machine was technically turned off, I opened the door of the machine and viola, there’s a huge fucking mess of powder and water and I HAD JUST CLEANED IT.  So the customer is huffy and storms off yelling about how we should have told him that before (as though his eyes couldn’t see us all cleaning up and putting away the merchandise).  And I turn to the cashier and say ‘If a customer comes in we’re supposed to tell them were closed’ and she just shrugs and says ‘oh he just wanted hot chocolate though’.


wtf.  You know for a fact that we have no money in the registers for us to even ring him up and you for some goddamn reason looked past that fact and the fact that you saw me clean the machine and tell you that after we clean it we can’t use it again because of the goddamn pipes being upturned you still for some fucking reason physically assisted this customer in making A HUGE FUCKING MESS AND THEN YOU JUST SHRUG YOUR GODDAMN SHOULDERS AND WALK AWAY IT WAS YOUR FUCKING MESS AND YOU SHOULD CLEAN IT UP.  

To add to that the entire working day she did nothing but stand at her register even though there was plenty of stocking that needed to be done.  She was also in her late 40s early 50s and supposedly your generation is supposed to have a great work ethic well instead you were a dumbass today and caused more fuckups than I expected.  
Why are you here for a job if you’re not going to do the work and just make it harder for the rest of us.

"Are you busy right now?" My answer is always "Yes."

Today one of my lazy-ass managers called me and asked if I was busy. He has a really aggravating habit of asking everyone else to do crap he should be doing himself, so usually I just tell him I am busy whether I am or not. This time I was actually with a customer, so I told him I was. He asked if I knew where my coworker was, and I told him, thinking maybe he just needed someone specifically from our department to answer a question for a customer. No biggie, right?

When I was free I came over anyway to find out what was up. Turns out this douchebag called my coworker up (and originally called me up) to carry out an enormous fish tank set that he had no intention of helping us with. Because it makes perfect sense to give that job to women under 5’5 instead of oh, I don’t know, calling up the other men in the store who are both taller and stronger to help, who were all readily available at the time, and who actually came over to help because they saw how fucking stupid this was. And what was my manager doing? He was taking a phone call and scheduling an appointment for another department, even though they’d already closed for the day. This isn’t the first time he’s done this either, so I was livid.

I don’t mind helping with carry-outs. I’m not a fragile porcelain doll despite my small height and minimal strength. I carry my own groceries home three blocks every other week because I don’t drive. The majority of our staff at this job is made up of women who aren’t much taller or stronger than I am, and sometimes we gotta tough it out because our customers can’t budge things on their own any more than we can. Fair enough. But when you have people on staff at the time who are clearly stronger (and therefore you’d have less chance of damaging the product and/or someone injuring themselves), why the blue hell wouldn’t you ask them for help instead? They weren’t even busy at the time! Or heaven forbid you actually get off your ass, stop hiding in the office, and do some damn work for a change, sir!

Things like this are what just make me roll my eyes at the corporate safety policies they’re always pushing on us every month. If my bosses don’t take any of it seriously, why should anybody else?

I am SO tired of walking on eggshells at a sister store.

Craft store robin, clocking in to rant.

There are two of the craft stores whose chain I work for in our city, one 20 minutes away(the one that I actually work at) and the other one 5 minutes from my house. So, reasonably enough, if I need something small and fast I would go there, right? But the more experienced employees know that I work at the other store, and for some reason they feel that gives them the right to question me about why I’m shopping there instead of my other store, try to delve into my life, and most insulting of all, call my manager and tell him when my sister and I went in late one night and got into a heated discussion about a pattern before leaving.(long story short, I was trying to get her out of there because they were closing. They should be thanking me, but whatever right?) Since my manager knows all these people for longer than he has known me, and since they’ve shown they have no qualms about reporting whatever behavior they don’t like to him, I’ve been treading lightly every time I went in. Never made any trouble, always had my stuff ready, tried to find things myself before bothering someone… And you know what? For a while, that was fine. The unprovoked jabs at why I was ever at a more convenient location than the one I worked at bothered me, but somehow seemed normal in the corporate store family.

Then I tried returning something.

To be perfectly fair, the items I wanted to return were from another store. Here’s a tip robins: if a fellow robin wants to return a larger item from another store, and you aren’t sure or are not comfortable with it, please just say no. The item in question was a light bulb that was a dud, and I asked about it before trying to return it, figuring if the more experienced robin said no, I’d just leave and do it at the original store later, chalking it up to policy. I’m still not sure if the response was ever a yes or no, but the way she phrased it made me think that I needed to find a similar item in-store, which I did. She wasn’t happy about returning it, but she started to run it through anyway, and I thought it was over.

Then the interrogation started. I use the word “interrogation” because that’s exactly what it reminded me of: a room with just you and a very angry person shoving questions in your face trying to make you confess to something.

Are you sure it wasn’t the lamp. Why aren’t you returning this at the original store. Do you not get enough hours at that store to go there. Why did you bring it here. On and on, just digging into my personal life and trying to make me feel bad for something customers do all the time, and asking me way more than just the usual do you have a receipt and is there anything wrong with it that we usually do. And did I mention? In front of a whole line of other customers! All those people watching me get drilled by this inexplicably vexed cashier. Yeah, sure, great way to show how great our stores are. We interrogate our customers! By time it was over with 

Next time I had a shift, I asked my manager if he had received a call from the other store about me.(remembering how much they liked to report what I did off the clock) He hadn’t, and when he asked me about it I told him the whole thing, being very kind about it considering. He said that wasn’t “like her”(the cashier) and advised me to just return it at the original store next time to avoid such problems. Riiiiiight.

Well, at least I can take comfort in the fact that I’ll never run into that again; because I’d rather go to our competitors than set foot in that store again. And thanks to that behavior, my family holds the same mindset.

And before this gets responses about how it was about the sale numbers or scams or blah blah blah, bear this in mind: all she had to do was say “no” and I would have deferred to her judgement and left with no hard feelings. Really. But because she had to act that way the store lost all of us as customers, and if anyone asks me, they’ll know exactly why.

i finally cried at work!

Hey all, I work as a hostess at a very busy seafood restaurant.

I’ve been working at this job for 2 years. I’ve dealt with rude guests before, but she’s been the worst I’ve seen yet. It wasn’t even what she said. It was the way she said it. Her tone was so condescending. Her sentences were short, and to the point. She said everything so matter of factly and was just so entitled. Plus she does this eye roll/ looks at you from your feet to your face before she talks to you.

This woman walks in early for her reservation. In the notes, it said she preferred a window table, which is cool, except for the fact that today, we had a lot of large parties. In fact, about 60% of the tables were taken up because of large parties, leaving us with very little options for seating for our guests. Unfortunately, most of the large parties had to be seated in the area that she wanted by the windows, so it would take a long time for them to get up and for one to be available. I tell her we’ll have a table ready for her by her reservation time.

Me: So we’ll have a table ready for you shortly!

Lady: A window table, right?

Me: Unfortunately, the way the night has been going, a window table may not be possible for your reservation time, but we will certainly have another lovely table available for you!

Lady: No, I’ll take a window table.

Me: Um, okay. Like I said, a window table may not become available in time for your reservation.

Lady: Well, I made a reservation through [Local Hotel], and they give me tables that I actually like.

Me: Um, okay. Well. I’ll do my best? 

I give her a pager, and then about 5 minutes later, I get an update of the restaurant, and tables in our bar area by the windows open up. I’m excited cause I get to give this woman what she wants, and I page her. But as soon as we start taking her to the bar, she stops.

Lady: No. Absoutely not. We are not sitting at the bar, I have a reservation. 

[This confused me because we do seat reservations at those tables. They’re really nice, actually]

Me: But they’re nice tables, ma’am, are you sure? They’re even by a window.

Lady: No, this is unacceptable, I want the table I deserve.

So I radio my manager to check on the two tables I could possibly seat her at. If they didn’t look like they’d be up in ten minutes, then I’d be late for her reservation. So I had my manager talk to her and tell her exactly what i already told her. I had to leave the scene and compose myself in the restroom. Her attitude and body language was just so disrespectful and I was livid.

I come back and she’s still at the host stand. I was really hoping she wouldn’t be there. She complains about how we don’t have her table ready and we should, because she has a reservation.  At this point, I’m pleading with her.

Me: Ma’am we can give you an option of several nice tables at the restaurant, but unfortunately we can’t give you a window in that section of the restaurant at this time. I am very sorry.

Lady: Fine, well I’ll just have a table in the patio while I wait.

Me: Ma’am the patio is on a 45min-1 hour wait list.

Lady: No, I’m going to sit down now. I have a reservation.

Me: But ma’am, we don’t take reservations for our patio. It is all first-come-first-serve and it wouldn’t be fair to those who have been waiting for a table for over a half hour.

Lady: Um, excuse me. It isn’t fair to me. I have a reservation and I can’t even get a table.


It goes on and on like this and one of the other hosts jumps in and tries to help me reason with her. He adds in a joke something like “If you wanna sit down now, you can join one of the people already sitting down.” She goes “What?” and asks him to repeat himself.

Host: I was just joking. I said if you wanted to sit down at one of those tables immediately, you can join one of the parties sitting down now. 

Lady: EXCUSE ME. I’m going to pretend like you didn’t even say that. Wow. (She repeats what she says to her teenage daughter who is joining her for dinner. Her daughter seems surpringly unfazed with how repulsive her behavior to service staff is) You know, you’d be lucky if I don’t tell your manager about this. I’m going to the bar to wait for the table I deserve.

At this point, I go to the bathroom again and I cry for like ten minutes. I never dealt with anyone this rude and so unwilling to listen. Hell- a person who gets that OFFENDED a simple joke. Once I compose myself, I tell my manager that I refuse to speak to her from now on. Once her table is ready, a manager needs to take care of her and seat her. I’m done with her. I don’t want to see her. If anything, I want the people who were at the tables she wanted to stay there all night and have her walk out.  

The server at the bar comes up to the host stand and asks how long for her table, because the woman is complaining. I let her know that if she wants that table so bad she just has to wait for whenever the person gets up. There is nothing I can do if she refuses to sit down anywhere else.

I truly felt like walking out of my job today. I fantasized about going up to her and letting her know how repulsive her behavior is and wishing that her table was worth making me cry. Telling her that I quit my job of two years because I have never met anyone as disgusting as her. The fact that her daughter wasn’t surprised with her behavior makes me think that this shit happens a lot with her. 

She ended up waiting over a half an hour for that table. I don’t get it. Does the food taste better when you sit by a window? Our restaurant doesn’t have an award-winning view. In fact, that table just had a view of our patio guests and buses on the street. Like, was it worth it, lady?

In the end, I kept it together. I need this job too much and I just had to let myself know that anyone who can treat service staff like that is absolute trash. The only satisfaction I can get is knowing that I will never be as terrible as her and at the end of the day, I am the better human being.

That one customer….

I’m sure everyone has that one regular customer that when they see them they just want to hide and pretend the store is closed; that or wanting to throw the handheld scanner at their face. A little extreme…maybe, but I’m sure you can relate. This will be a long one, but bear with me…

So I had my first encounter with said customer about a month ago. I’m been at my current job almost 7 months. Now, I work at a pet supplier store. We are small and part of our business is our frequent buyer cards - customers will get a bag of  pet food free when they buy a certain number. In out store these are physical cards in multiple boxes (by brand the organized by last name) that we have to go through, we keep them at the counter and they are all filled out by hand.

So on top of that, my store has been rearranging, already a frustration trying to explain that to customers. So there was the customer just standing in the dog food isle (I knew she was going to be an issue as soon as she walked in because I got no response when I greeted her). Here is how things went down.
Me: “Hi! Are you finding everything alright today?”
Customer : “No.” 
M : “I’m sorry about that, we’ve rearranged some things. What are you looking for?”
She tells me and I take her to the items. I go to ring her up and ask for her last name so I could document her purchase on her card. She bought two brands, so I find one card, but not the other one.
M: “Hmm, I’m not seeing it in here. Did you get your last bag for free by any chance? Or buy a different brand?”
C - “No”
M - “Could it be under a different last name?”
C- *stares at me* “I expect to get credit for my bag”
I take this as a no so I continue looking through the whole box thinking it just got misplaced in a rush last time she was in - sometimes the cards do get stuck, out or order, etc
M: “I’m really sorry. I’m not seeing it. Sometimes these cards do get misplaced. I can start you a new temporary card then when yours turns up I can make sure this purchase is on there so you won’t miss out on your free bag”
C: “Well I expect to get credit for it! Why is it lost?!”
M: “I’m really sorry ma’am, sometimes this happens, our card system is not in the computer yet. I assure you that you will get your credit for the bag. I’ll let my manager know of the situation so he is aware and can work with you more next time and make sure you are where you are supposed to be on your card.” 
C - : *rolls eyes*
M - “I do apologize again. Here is the temporary card, if you could just fill our your name and number on there for me.”
C - “No, you already have my info, it’s on the other card”

She then proceeds to stare at me, obviously not going to touch the card or fill out her info. I don’t even explain to her different brands are stored in different boxes and her cards won’t be kept together, I take it and begin to try to make out her chicken scratch from her other card that I already put away. I then tell her the total and she makes it a point to set the card down on the counter and stare at me. I proceed with the transaction and tell her to have a nice day. No response, she just takes her things and leaves. 

Luckily the customers behind her talked to me and said I did a good job and that she was being ridiculous. It’s nice to know there are still some good customers out there.   

But seriously, some customers need to get their panties out of that wad and calm their tits. I know there is a mistake and I’m trying to work with you and fix it. It’s not like I’m hiding your card for fun. Why would I do that? I’m sorry, I’m just an associate. All I can do is apologize. I can’t make manager decisions like taking your word for it because 1. My gut says no I don’t trust you and 2. I’m not a manger! I’m not getting in trouble for you. 

She actually came in again the other day. I saw her and almost avoided her, but my co worker was busy so I couldn’t. I sucked it up and asked if she was finding everything alright. She then gives me a bag of dog food and told me to wipe it off because it’s dusty and last time she was there we lost her card. I told her I found the card and gave her the stupid credit (in a polite robin way of course.) 

I've recently learned for a lot of businesses, payroll is the easiest way to cut costs. I mean, whatever, but aren't we still people? I went to a corporate meeting so my manager didn't have to, and they talked about the associates like paying us was a pain in the butt :/ it was on the list with expired food as being the "annoying" things you ~*~waste~*~ a lot of money on :< so i'm just leaving a mini rant to say fuck the owners, robins you rock :3