Ranting Robins
People been there half the time I have- get full time hours

On the ‘Friday’ of my last work week (even though it was a Monday, thats what we call it where I work), I was called into the managers office.

The last time it happened, it was because I needed a ‘talking to’- not quite a write up, but it could lead to one- so I was kinda freaked out. Turns out the manager for my area just needed to talk to me and the two other people in my ‘department’, and rearrange our schedules a bit.

I saw the computer screen while the manager was switching things around (this will ‘make sense’ in a bit), but had no idea exactly what was going on…If that makes sense.

THe other two guys and myself were scheduled for 32 hours each week, which is about average for me.

But she told one of the others (the other is switching to a new department, so Im not sure if this part applies to him), that even though his clock in time is 3pm on some days, he could clock in as early as 1pm.

Im thinking “WTF?” but don’t say anything. She didn’t say anything to me about clocking in early, or maybe staying an hour later than my schedule says (Im 99.9% of the time off at 10pm unless something happens close to clock-out time, and the next shift of people in my department dont start until 11pm).

Later Im on my first 15 minute break, and the other two people are getting into one of their trucks and leaving, when the one switching departments says something to me about “If you want to know why you’re not getting full time hours, check the board.” It was a bit loud out there because a truck was pulling into the back receiving dock, so Im not sure exactly what was said.

There’s no board I could think of that would tell me why im not getting full time hours- the only ones I know of have posters about things like safety, chain of command if you have a concern you need to talk about, wage/time off/things like that laws, or other things that would apply to the store.

I didn’t notice it when I passed the white board (that anyone can write on as far as I know), but a lady Im friendly with told me there was something in the corner…

Someone had wrote ‘penis…’ in small letters. Im not sure if thats what ‘transfer guy’ was referring to, but if he did it and is trying to get me in trouble for it, Im gonna be pissed. This isn’t the first time Ive had problems with him (Ive had a submission or two posted on this blog about him)

If the ‘department manager’ is there tomorrow when I go in, I’m gonna ask her about it. Because this is beyond messed up.

To start off with, the store I work at is constantly a mess.  Corporate constantly sends us shit we don’t need or even carry at that store, and we’re super under-staffed to boot.  Yet corporate yells at us when things are a mess and not enough gets done. 

So last week, the floors were a godawful mess because it was rainy and people kept tracking in mud.  We’d mop it up at the end of each day, because on top of everyone being stretched so goddamn thin already, we’re one of the busiest stores in the area since we’re the last stop before a small city that has a Wal-Mart and three proper grocery stores. Having only two people working at a time, there’s nobody to do any mopping during the day without being constantly interrupted.  

So this week, the floors have stayed quite clean.  And of course, what happens? The same assholes will hunt me down while I’m putting up stock or at the register, and hold me up while they brag about how they complained to corporate and the next time they came in, the floors were clean!  THIS IS WHY SHIT NEVER GETS DONE HERE!  Even when we’re practically slaving away because we’re stretched so goddamn thin we can’t even mop the fucking floor, we get held up by assholes thinking they’re praising us but doing nothing but being douchey and condescending and interrupting us while we’re getting shit done!  ugh!

I am so ready to fucking quit.  I hate the company I work for and I hate the customers even more.

Working for the Mouse

This is a long one, so bare with me.

So I work for the Most Magical Store on Earth! Now let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE my job. I basically get paid to sing, dance and entertain little kids all day.

But there are some days when I just want to punch people in the throat because they’re so fucking stupid.

Now, anyone who has shopped at our store knows we have a very unique looking bag. It’s got our characters all over it and it stands out. The store I work at has a very large crowd of tourists every single day and they come in and drop close to $1,000 for their kids, themselves or to even bring back to their country to sell (which is something I’ll touch base on). So more often than not, I get asked for extra bags and unfortunately we CANNOT give away empty bags. “But it’s for a present!” Then FUCKING WRAP IT. Our bags are not your fucking lazy ticket out of having to be a decent parent and actually wrap a gift for your spoiled spawn.

FUCKING. FROZEN. I both love and LOATH this movie because it is driving me up the fucking wall. I get asked nonstop, without fail, every. single. day. “Do you have the Elsa costume/doll/backpack, etc.?” No. No. NO. NO!! Now, our store is one of the BUSIEST stores in the country. THE COUNTRY. We get more shipment than most stores in our area because of how busy we are. Yet I get told thousands of times by guests that we never have anything from Frozen, even though we have more than every other store.

Something I mentioned before was that people will come in and buy things to take back to their country and sell it. We have a limit on how many items you are allowed to purchase. It can range anywhere from 1-5 of everything in the store. Where Frozen is concerned it is 2 items, per guest, per day. No exceptions. One night I had a guest stay in the store for close to 3 hours buying almost every back to school item we had, as much as the limit allowed him to. As well as drink ware, placemats, utensils and plates/bowls. He stayed past the closing time and was told multiple times that we had closed and he needed to head to check out so we could close down the register. When he finally left the store, he had spent more than $800. He told me he was taking it all back to his country to sell it and we aren’t allowed to say anything about that. I was so tired, I didn’t even care. About a week later, he comes back and tells me that he RETURNED EVERYTHING AT A DIFFERENT STORE. I WANTED TO SCREAM AT HIM. Asshole.

And to wrap up my little rant, I’ll tell you about my manager that loves to pick on me and a select few other members of our cast. Now, she is a wonderful person. She really is. Everyone both loves her and sort of strongly dislikes her at the same time because she is so over bearing sometimes. For example, our uniform forbids us from wearing any earrings that aren’t simply gold or silver. No pearls, no diamonds, no colors except silver or gold. Idk why but whatever. So I have this habit of sleeping in my diamond earrings and I forgot to change them out before I went to work. She said something once before and I just brushed it off. It happened again, I slept in my diamonds and my DM said something to me in front of this manager and I explained that I sometimes sleep in my earrings and forget to switch them, which she replied that she honestly didn’t care and she wasn’t gonna make me take them out because God forbid I lost them, she didn’t wanna be the one to blame. So after that was said and done she walks away and the one manager goes “I don’t wanna be mean, but I told you so.” Like…are you joking? Another thing she’s done twice now is make me sing when I PHYSICALLY CANNOT. To explain better, I’m a pretty damn good singer. I’m usually the go to gal when little girls wanna sing their favorite princess anthem and it’s awesome. But for the last month or so I’ve had this chest cold that WILL NOT GO AWAY, no matter how much medicine I’ve taken. Anyway, it causes me to cough at very random times and it often happens when I’m talking or more specifically, singing. So this manager comes up to me the last week and asks how I would feel about singing the entire Frozen soundtrack for some spontaneous entertainment. On any other day when I’m not hacking up a lung, I’d be all for it. I told her I’d rather not and what does she do? Puts the CD in and makes me sing. Today I walk into work and first thing she does? Puts the fucking CD in and makes me sing. Again. Although this time, I think I strained my vocal cords because I can feel a weird vibration when I talk that I’ve never noticed before. I hope it isn’t serious.

So that’s that. This was a doozy but I needed a long rant. Lol. Thanks for reading if you did!

TL;DR: Didney is fun to work at but guests are lazy assholes sometimes, Frozen is a hot fucking mess, international scalpers piss me the fuck off, and my manager may have possibly fucked up my vocal cords.

666? THAT’S TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE FOR A FAMILY PLACE! …that sells zombie babies chowing on body parts.

I work for a well known Halloween store, we’ll call it Geist, and am doing my first management gig there this year. I’m super excited and only screaming internally a little bit. They took us through a sort of lecture about management today which included a walkthrough of our new prop scenery for this year. This is the usual faux-horror stuff, fucked up hospitals, zombies, psycho killers, evil clowns, etc. and they change every year.

This year, one incorporates a vaguely satanic theme (and by vaguely, I mean uses “666” and just the word “Hell”).

Mind you, in the sample store we were shown today, this set up is smack in the middle of our masks and general props area, so it’s surrounded by hideous ghouls and foam rubber decorations that depict zombie infants and children chowing down on recognizable human body parts. Just to give you a feel of what is deemed totally cool and fine and inoffensive.

The regional manager who was showing use around had digits of the 666 blacked out with sharpie and advised us to put the digits that are supposed to be used to spell out hell in some other orientation. She stated that she felt that simply having “666” and 4377 flipped around to spell hell was inappropriate for a “family friendly” environment, and that it would just be a matter of time before someone was offended and complained.

Meanwhile, I’m standing there nearly biting my tongue off, as a LaVeyan Satanist being told that innocuous references to Hell are completely inappropriate and I have to bend to some hypothetical family that would be just as offended by the cannibabies and psycho slashers as one digit repeated three times, and they’re telling, however unwittingly, one of their managers to erase things from their own religion.

Pretty Sure That’s Illegal

I work part-time at a gas station/convenience store/fast food place, and have recently had the good fortune to escape for a few months to go to college in a state where I can’t transfer. Many customers and friends of mine have raved about how much they love the place I work at, how it’s always so clean and everything is really low-price and blah blah blah, and I used to feel that way too, but working there has changed my mind.

First and foremost, in my year working there, I’ve never gotten a break. Not once. We were told during training to “take a minute to quickly eat something” while the store was slow, and even then to be constantly watching the register (the checkstand being basically where we stand when we eat; they haven’t provided us with a proper breakroom). The store I work at is nonstop busy because we’re a truck stop and right off the freeway, so if I look away for five seconds to take a bite of granola bar my manager will yank me back to register and make me work. What’s worse is that these same managers will disappear to smoke for ten, fifteen minutes at a time and leave me alone at a busy checkstand, count this as my “eating time” and then bombarb me with tasks. I have gotten a lot of shady looks and stern warnings for taking more than one eating break during, say, a ten hour shift. This is completely illegal in my state. I’ve heard that since they’re a Western-based company that this law wouldn’t apply to them, but that sounds like complete bullshit. I don’t know how they’ve been covering their asses with this one.

Secondly, there is the issue of calling out. Literally five people - that’s about half of the people that work there total - called out “sick” in a single day. As a result of this, it was just me and one other terrified new girl working the register, floor, food service counter, everything, and I ended up staying three hours overtime because my managers begged me to; I agreed because one of them insisted that I stay that late, and when I declined, she insisted again very forcefully that I had to stay. During this three hour period one of the “sick” girls comes in with a suntan and a Carowinds souvenir cup and takes a soda without paying for it. The manager sees everything and she receives no reprimands at all. (I just thought this was irritating, seeing as how I was covering this girl’s butt and she has the audacity to come in fresh from a theme park on her sick day).

This company pays a little above minimum wage and provides great healthcare benefits, but my coworkers and I work anywhere between 8 hours - 15 hours a day, and deserve at least one 30 minute break per shift, plus a little respect regarding our off time since we’re human beings.

————- I suggestion looking to see if you have an hr number or a fraud hotline. If there isn’t one easily accessible, look in to calling OSHA or L&I, not sure if they are the same in your state. -L
I’m not a dog so don’t treat me like one

I can’t begin to count the numerous times this has happened to me.

If I’m on a break (obviously I’m either eating lunch or not at my register or in the back room) but a customer sees me and literally snaps their fingers at me and curls their finger to tell me to come and ring them up.  Not vocally do they say ‘could you ring me up please’ no of course not, because obviously I’m so low on the social totem pole that you think a simple condescending snap of the fingers and a point to the register will get me to ring you up on my break.

At this point in my job at this place and my work in retail I’ve learned to ignore this and literally ignore the customer.  I’ll turn my back on you and pretend I didn’t see you or tell you were not open yet or that I’ll be with you in a few moments.  Then they get huffy obviously but I’ve learned to get a small kick of satisfaction out of it.

It’s especially sad when I see kids do it now though, little 10 year olds doing the same thing their parents do.

'Too Expensive Idiot'

I work at a diner that’s not a diner in any sense. We sell breakfast all day and burgers to die for but people consider us more of a ‘family restaurant’ or what have you. Anyway, our prices are a little higher than what most people would expect and that’s because we focus on healthy, locally grown and antibiotic free food items so of course, people are paying for good quality food.

But let me get to the point. This man that comes in, pretty often apparently, gets two salads with chicken 
(which is an up-charge, $3.99 and the salad’s themselves being $11.99) togo and his total is $31 something. He comes in and goes, “don’t you think it’s sort of ridiculous that I’m paying $30 for two salads?” And of course, me being the great employee that I am, explain to him that we have fresh and local greens and fruit, which come on the salad, and the chickens are grass feed and roam free on land etc. etc. and he’s still asking me why the salads are so expensive. Also, this guy says to me over the phone while I’m taking his order, “I don’t have a menu in front of me so tell me what you have.” Which is a pain in the ass and also, he’s not looking at any prices himself and doesn’t know the price until I inform him at the end of the call. 

So he pays and leaves (doesn’t tip me but whatever) and everything is fine.

BUT THEN, this idiot decides to call back a few days later and damnit all I’m taking orders again. He tells me, yet again, that he thought paying $30 for the salads was crazy and wanted something else and he’s also condescending by saying, “your obviously not the manager, why am I even talking to you?” at least three times throughout the call and finally I say, “I’m sorry you are feeling this way, I can get a manager over for you if you’d like,” to which he refuses and asked me to ring in his order which pisses me the fuck off. But I keep my cool and I start to ring in his order.

Now, this is where I start loosing my mind. He decides he’s going to get THE SAME salad he ordered the last time, add chicken, get ANOTHER salad that’s THE SAME PRICE AND ADD CHICKEN TO THAT TOO. So, I tell him, “It’s going to be the same price as before because the salad’s are the same price and you’re adding chicken to both, sir,” and he goes, “oh, well take one off and add (something else).” His total comes to $28 at this point and he is still pissed and says he wants to speak to a manager when he gets there. 

He gets to the diner and I’ve informed the manager of everything at this point and as he’s walking in, both the manager and I are standing side by side waiting for him and he kindly pays for his food, actually tips me two whole dollars and leaves like nothing ever happened.

Why? Why in God’s name did he cause all that trouble only to do and say NOTHING about it? It was a complete waste of my time and I hope he never comes back. 

Bug up her butt

This is actually ‘part two’ of something I just submitted, but I didn’t want the other to be too long…

There’s one of the assistant managers at work who seems to be…wibbly wobbly with the way she acts/talks to me. Sometimes she’ll say “Hi Miss *insert my name here*” and ask me how Im doing, and I’ll reply.

Others it seems like she ‘singles me out’ to do things she doesn’t ask the other people in my department to do.

One day there were three of us in the department there (there’s only three total for the ‘daytime’ hours. Not sure about night-time. When there was a call for my department over the radio, neither of the other two would reply, or if it was the manager herself asking, she would ask ME to do it- not sure if she thought I would be the better one to do the job, or she lets the others slack off.

On what would be my… Wednesday of the week (even though it was actually a Saturday I think), she asked me to help push carts since it was Tax Free Weekend, and there were a lot of customers. It was misting rain, but that didn’t bother me ‘cause it was a lot cooler than being in the store, and I had some help then.

Today the only (I think the only) cart pusher called in, and when someone at the service desk asked for someone to volunteer to push carts, said manager volunteered for me to go do it instead. I thought “No big deal.”…Until I got outside.

It was about 90 degrees out. Im wearing a dark colored shirt, jeans, and a yellow safety vest….It got hot. After about half an hour/hour, my break time comes up (it was a six hour day today, so what time I took it was abit different than from when its a 7 or 8 hour day), and one of the supervisors for the back room comes to the smoke shed where I am, ask ‘gets on’ to me about it not being my break yet. I put out my cigarette and put the vest back on, went about pushing carts. As soon as it was full, I put vest where it belonged, and went to get something cold to drink. Supervisor lady told me my manager wanted to talk to me, and manager got on my case about taking my break early, and how my lunch was at 7 (on my schedule it said 5, and I got there at 3, left at 10. On 6 hour days I talk lunch halfway through, on 7 hour days I work 4, hour lunch, work 3, and on 8 hour days it’s 4/lunch/4). She said customers come first, a few other things of that sort, and let me go. I was really tired/thirsty/shakey (i get shakey when I get overheated and haven’t had anything to drink…Is fixed with a little snack), and I go to do the carts again. I brought a cup of ice water with me, but that didn’t last long. I managed to find the water cooler thing that the regular cart pushers use (since the only water fountains in the store are at the back), and I tried to get some water out of that. There was barely any in there, and what was tasted off. I ended up needing to fill my cup from the faucet in the ladies room.)

Ended up getting my lunch an hour after I usually take it, 2 hours after what my schedule says, and ‘right on time’ for what my manager said. With what I didn’t get to do while I was pushing carts, I left several things undone. I did my best with the time I had, but I don’t know if my manager will get on my case when I see her again.

This is getting really annoying

Theres a load of things that working at where I work that piss me off.

First, one of the guys in the same ‘department’ as me started out being an ok guy. Then he started making comments about how this guy is my baby daddy, how another guy is going to leave his wife for me, how another guy and I are getting married…I laughed it off the first few times, then it got annoying. I told him to stop, but it didn’t. Then one day I was going back to the break room for some reason and he said it about another guy (cart pusher or back room/recieving guy, not sure which), and pushed me into the other guy (I managed to stop myself). Then not sure if it was the same day (or before, or a few days after), he asked me ‘how much for an ounce’, because according to one of the night workers that does the same job as us, Im selling drugs at work.

After he said that, I happened to find the store manager at the service desk, and told him about it, and thought that he would ‘take care of it’. A few times later that day, he asked me how much again, showed me the money in his wallet, when he could come to pick ‘it’ up, and what my address was. Told him that I don’t do drugs (I DO smoke weed on very rare occassions, but not as a regular thing), I don’t sell them, and even if I did I wouldn’t sell them at work.

Store manager did nothing about it.

Another day, same guy comes into the break room where Im washing some of the ‘common use’ dishes, and tries to shove a jalapeno he found on one of the tables into my mouth. I like jalapenos, but not when they are unexpectedly shoved into my mouth. There were a few other people in the room, but Im not sure if they saw/heard anything.

I eventually talked to one of the night assistant managers and told her whats going on, and apparently she talked to someone else (likely a daytime manager), because he barely talks to me anymore. When he does, it’s 98% of the time to be a huge asshole. If he clocks out for the day as soon as I clock in, it is likely that half of our ‘departments’ assigned tasks aren’t done.

Then today one of the ladies in produce (who I THINK caused me to get one of my coachings, but Im still friendly with and whatnot) told me he’s been talking ‘smack’ about me.

My mom suggested that when I go in on my next work day (im off for the next two days), I find the store manager or my ‘direct manager/assistant manager’, and tell them what is going on. Then I wait a few days and if it seems like nothing has been done, she will be calling corporate. When I asked the night manager if something HAD been done after I told her what I told her, she said she couldn’t give me specifics, but that she did tell someone who could do something (and I believe her)

Back again!

(Gist of my last rant)

Me and a large number of the female staff at my work have been dealing with this new supervisor who is the definition of creepy. He makes the women uncomfortable and he’s always staring, talks down to us, gets upset when we try to work (like telling him when we’re running low on stock and he replies ‘I already know don’t worry about it’).

-Following Rant-

Already one of the more vocal women has talked to our manager about not wanting to work with this one supervisor (I might be next).

I’ve asked around and posted on sites like tumblr about what I should do and the majority of those have said ‘go to the manager’

Well the problem is the manager is just a younger version of the supervisor (not related though crazy, they could be twins).
The manager has been patronizing to me, talks AT me not TO me, talks about me while I’m in the room in like a weird reverse 3rd person way ‘Well hopefully _my name_ will do _issue he has with me_ today’ when I’m right there in the room.  When I try to be up front with him and ask him what he’s doing, he just sort of laughs and walks away.

The office ladies that are there have been hearing about the supervisor and have just told us ‘do your work and just ignore him’ ….I shouldn’t have to ‘do my work and ignore him’ I should be able to do my work with a sense of comfort and ease, knowing that I won’t be visibly groped by a 60 year old man and then patronized by a 30 something manager who just got hired a month ago.